Are There Other Colors In The Aura Besides The Basic Life Colors?

Are There Other Colors In The Aura Besides The Basic Life Colors?

People frequently report seeing white, gold, or pink in the aura. The Life Color gold can be seen around highly evolved spiritual masters and usually signifies a very high vibration. Pink is often seen in the outer bands, not as a Life Color. Pink signifies that the person has a strong desire for love and romance.

Seeing white in the aura signifies something entirely different. For every inch of white seen next to the body, a major life question has been answered for that person. If the question is being asked but has not yet been answered, white is outside the Life Color bands. The most common major life questions asked are, Is there a God? Does God know who I am? Now that I know the answers to those questions, what do I do with the information?

Typically, when people are first learning to see auracolors, they observe a white glow around someone’s head or body. This is different from having white in your auracolors.

People also report seeing gold around someone’s hands. What many experience as gold I experience as yellow. Yellows are very powerful healers and frequently have strong energy emanating from their hands. Whatever colors you see, trust what you see and ask yourself what those colors mean to you. Even if people see different colors, the information about the person should match.

Some wonder if people can have black or “evil” auracolors. Black is the absence of color. I have never witnessed black in someone’s aura. Whenever I see people who are angry (which I believe stems from hurt or fear) or violent, they usually have Red Overlays.

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Faded auracolors usually reveal a serious illness, a lack of life energy circulating through the body, or a desire to no longer be on the planet.

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