Welcome to the Free Beginner's Aura Colors Course!

In this fun Beginners Aura Colors Course, aura expert Pam Oslie guides you on your adventure through each of the fourteen aura color personalities via a series of videos.

Welcome to the Free Beginner's Aura Colors Course!

Choose Your Aura Color:

Welcome to the fascinating world of auras!

Did you know that the colors in your energy field, your aura, reveal a lot of important information about you?

You have the keys to know how to live your best, most amazing life right inside your aura. You’re carrying around your own personal how-to manual, your own life map. You can discover a lot about yourself and how you can live a happy and fulfilling life once you discover what your personal aura colors are and what they reveal about you.

First, Take The Free Aura Quiz
Once you take the aura colors quiz and discover your aura colors, you can discover more about yourself.


What will this course do for you?

The various aura colors reveal your priorities, relationship styles, most fulfilling careers, and ways of dealing with money, family, children, sex, health, and more.

Learning about each of the color personalities can help you discover and validate who you are, as well as help you understand others around you. Some of the aura color personalities are more compatible with one another than others. So this information can also help you better understand and improve the dynamics of your relationships.

“I would like to share my intense, genuine, gratefulness to Pamala for her insight, her vision, her honesty.
It was purity, and that is one of the most important things in my life, purity. Thank you very much.”


“I signed up for your amazing site and filled out your questionnaire. I am completely blown away by the questions and accuracy of the videos and results. I am a Yellow/Violet and I feel like someone reached into my soul and understood who I was for the first time ever. I’ve never felt so ‘gotten’ in all my life!”


“Pamela is a great teacher and is a truly gifted psychic. I took several classes that Pamela taught on developing intuition and psychic ability. I was amazed by the insights I had by using the tools she taught in just one class!

Julie Seidell

Starting at just $3.95/a month you get access to many membership benefits including video, audio and hundreds of radio show interviews with expert guests who share valuable information and guidance for your life.

Take The Free Aura Colors Quiz Now!
Take this simple quiz and find out how your aura colors affect your life.
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