Welcome to Your Personal Aura Colors Course!

Welcome to Your Personal Aura Colors Course!

Learn ALL about Your Personal Aura Colors!

You are carrying the keys to your own happiness, health, and fulfillment. They are hidden in your own aura. Discover what your personal aura colors reveal about your personality, life purpose, love life, best careers, health, money and more…

Once you’ve taken the free aura quiz and know your main two aura colors…

Start by choosing your own 2 personal aura colors.

These 14 individual personal aura color courses cover each of the aura colors.

Select your Aura Color below and get started!

Each color personality type is different. Your personal path to happiness is different than that of the other aura color personalities. You don’t necessarily benefit by taking the same steps as others, nor thrive by taking the same actions.

Here’s just some of what the sessions will include for your specific aura color:

  • Discover your life purpose and receive helpful guidance how to fulfill that purpose
  • Find out how your color can create harmonious and successful relationships
  • Tips how to use your aura color’s strengths to create wealth and success
  • Your most fulfilling careers and lifestyle
  • Your aura color’s potential health issues and specific steps how to stay healthy and balanced
  • In depth descriptions of your positive qualities and the inherent strengths that can help you create your most fulfilling life.
  • Learn what causes your aura color to become stuck and unhappy
  • Specific steps your aura color can take to become happier and more balanced
  • Which other aura colors are compatible with your colors
  • How to recognize someone else’s aura colors
  • Where to meet other people with your aura colors
  • Where is the best place for your aura color to live?
  • And much more…

Your journey to joy and greater fulfillment starts here…

Click on the different aura colors to read more details about each coaching session.

Or buy it now!

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to improve your life with this special digital aura colors coaching.

Each color course includes 7 specific sessions
Only $27 – total!
($24 for Aura Colors members)
*Full refund guarantee

Coaches and Therapists usually charge $200-$500 per hour for sessions. Here you will get 7 digital Coaching Sessions, 2-hours total of digital in-depth information and coaching designed specifically for your aura color. These 7 sessions per color are filled with valuable video, audio and written guidance.

Discover How Your Aura Colors Can Improve Every Aspect Of Your Life!

Take Your Understanding to the Next Level

You may have already watched the Beginners Aura Colors Course, which provides you with a brief introduction to each of the colors. Now your Personal Aura Colors Course goes much further.

Your personal course will reveal in a much deeper way the keys to your true self. You will find out how your colors influence your life and what they reveal about your personality, love life, money, health and more.

After finishing, you won’t just understand this new knowledge—you’ll be able to apply it in every area of your life.

This ancient system will provide you with the freedom to break free from your self-imposed limitations and help you live your authentic self so you can start living the life you truly want—in your own way, on your own terms.

Your aura colors reveal so much about you … so find out how they can lead you on the path to happiness and fulfilment.

Join Others Discovering their Path

For many, learning the truth about their aura color personality is nothing short of a life-changing experience.

*Refund Policy: If you listen to your aura color sessions and don’t like them or don’t receive value from them, you can get a full refund. Just email me at [email protected] and I will refund your money. So there’s no risk to check out all the fascinating and important information on your aura colors.

Take the Quiz to Find Your Aura Colors

Before you go on, you’ll need know what your own personal aura colors are. Take the free quiz and in less than five minutes you’ll have the answer!

Take the Free Quiz

What Others Are Saying

“I do not know if it is appropriate, but I would like to share my intense, genuine, gratefulness to Pamala for her insight, her vision, her honesty. It was purity, and that is one of the most important things in my life, purity.Thank you very much.”


“I signed up for your amazing site and filled out your questionnaire. I am completely blown away by the questions and accuracy of the videos and results. I am a Yellow/Violet and I feel like someone reached into my soul and understood who I was for the first time ever. I’ve never felt so ‘gotten’ in all my life!”


“Pamela is a great teacher and is a truly gifted psychic. I took several classes that Pamela taught on developing intuition and psychic ability. I was amazed by the insights I had by using the tools she taught in just one class!

Julie Seidell

What You Will Learn

Each course provides detailed information on a specific color through audio and video guides, delving deep into the unique properties that make your colors special. You will find out everything you need to know about your colors so that you can improve every aspect of your life.

  • Fuller & Happier Relationships
    Find out your relationship priorities and style, as well as the positive things you can bring to your relationships in order to create harmony and compatibility. Discover which type of person is most compatible with you and why, so you can enjoy a wonderful, loving relationship with the right person.
  • A More Rewarding Career
    Learn the most fulfilling career directions for your color personality so you can choose those that ultimately bring you the most passion and joy.
  • A Healthier Lifestyle
    Find out the potential health issues that could affect your aura color. Learn the best methods you can take to prevent these specific health issues and keep you healthy.Different personality types must take different steps to stay healthy, so learn to live a healthier life by learning about your aura color’s specific health challenges.
  • Discover Your Natural Skills
    Discover what your natural skills are so that you can use them to create wealth and abundance in your life. Learn how to apply your color’s innate skills and take advantage of your best methods to reach your dreams. Learn how your greatest strengths can help you overcome your weaknesses so you can feel empowered every day of your life.?
  • Get More Direction
    Learn more about your life purpose and the steps you can take to fulfill that purpose so you can enjoy real happiness every day of your life.
  • Discover How to Overcome Challenges
    The challenges you face when you lose your center or become unhappy can knock you off course, so find out what challenges you may encounter with your personal colors and how you can overcome them to regain your emotional balance.
  • Improve Your Personal Happiness
    Learn the steps you can take to become happier every day. Your personal aura colors hold the key to the best steps you can take to achieve happiness. Your personal path is different that the paths taken by the other aura colors and you benefit from taking different actions.

Discover As Many Colors As You Want To

While the aim of these courses is for you to learn valuable knowledge about your own two personal colors so you can live an amazing life, you can also find out all about the other colors as well. Learning about the colors of your friends and loved ones can help you better understand them. And you can share the information you discover on the aura colors with them so they have help and guidance for their lives as well. Whatever your reason, feel free to take as many courses as you want, and learn more about these incredible insights into your life.

*Refund Policy: If you listen to your aura color sessions and don’t like them or don’t receive value from them, you can get a full refund. Just email me at [email protected] and I will refund your money. So there’s no risk to check out all the fascinating and important information on your aura colors.

Are you ready to live your true colors?
Starting at just $3.95/a month you get access to hours of video, mp3, and written materials.

Find Out What Your Aura Color Is
Don’t know what your aura colors are yet? Take the free quiz now and find out!

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Take The Free Aura Colors Quiz Now!
Take this simple quiz and find out how your aura colors affect your life.
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