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Course Description
(17 Hour Course)
Did you know the keys to your true self are revealed in your personal aura colors? You’ve been carrying around your own personal life map in your energy field all this time.This program offers you specific personal tools and in depth insights that can help guide you on your life path. It also helps validate what you’ve always felt about yourself deep inside, and gives you permission to finally be your true self and live your true colors.
The knowledge about what the different aura colors reveal can help you live a happier and more fulfilling life because you’ll better understand yourself and everyone else in your world.Once you learn about the different aura colors – you’ll be able to identify and know how to interact with other people around you! Imagine being able to better communicate and get along with your partner, family, friends, co-workers and everyone else in your world because you know who they really are and what’s important to them. You’ll see how easy it is to identify everyone’s aura colors once you learn about each of the personalities.
First, Take The Free Aura Quiz
Once you take the aura colors quiz and discover your aura colors, you can discover more about yourself.


What You’ll Find in The Premium Aura Colors Course
Discover how your personal aura colors are influencing your life and what they reveal about your:
  • Personal path to happiness and fulfillment
  • Life purpose and what you can do to fully live your potential
  • Relationship styles and compatibilities and how to create harmony with loved ones
  • Your best life partner personality type and the best methods to create long-term success in your marriage
  • Most fulfilling career direction so you don’t stay stuck in an unfulfilling lifestyle
  • Potential health issues and what specific steps you can take to stay healthy
  • Ways you deal with money and how you can improve your ability to manifest abundance by using your natural aura color skills.
  • And more…


Learn About Family & Friends
It can help you better understand the true needs and priorities of each friend and family member – partner, children, siblings, parents and more. Discover why there are certain dynamics between the individual personalities, and learn how to successfully navigate and communicate with your different loved ones. Family interactions can be loving, distant, or combative. Understanding each personality type can give you the best chance for creating harmony in all your relationships.
By understanding the different aura colors you can choose your best life partner, develop the best methods to create long-term success in your marriage, generate harmony between family members, raise happy and well-adjusted children, and promote positive emotional and physical health by meeting the specific needs of each person.

Learn About Co-Workers
Understand why your co-workers and business associates are the way they are and then discover how you can develop better communication styles and improve interactions with each of them. People spend so much time at work. Even if you work for yourself, you most likely have to interact with clients or business associates. Experiencing stressful interactions with co-workers and business associates can take a serious toll on your mental health and physical wellbeing. Job dissatisfaction is more often than not related to tense and unhappy relationships with others at work.
This program provides valuable information to help you understand and better communicate with all types of personalities. Learn to discern, for example, which personality types place their highest value on being respected and admired, and which prefer having an emotional connection with their workplace family. Once you understand people’s true priorities and needs, and then learn to speak their language, your work relationships can greatly improve.

For Therapists, Healers, Coaches, & Teachers:
This is a perfect tool for therapists, life coaches, healers, trainers, teachers and anyone who works with people. Gain deeper insights into the different personality types of your clients or students – their true needs and priorities, what each needs to stay happy and healthy, where they tend to hold old wounds and what causes them pain. Discover the specific steps each personality type needs to take (and is more willing to take) to become balanced, healthy and whole.
People are vastly different with unique needs, desires, and styles. There is not a “one size fits all” approach to therapy or teaching. What method and approach works for one doesn’t always apply to another. Understanding each personality type gives you a short cut to helping each person heal or learn. This system offers you an easy and effective way to learn how to speak each person’s emotional, mental and physical “language.” Understanding their specific personality type, needs, and priorities can give you a head start in creating a personalized treatment or training for them.

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