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The Aura Colors Practitioner Certification Online Course
(17 hour Course plus Practitioner Certification Test)
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Practitioner Aura Course — Description

Become an Aura Colors Academy
Certified Practitioner
People around the world are using Pam’s Aura Color System, books, and aura quizzes to help their clients, patients, and students. Now you too can become a certified Aura Colors Practitioner and increase your skills to help people. This course provides valuable information and in depth knowledge about each of the different aura color personalities. You will gain a deeper understanding of each of the personality types and receive specific and effective tools to enhance your ability to work with others.

In this Course you will
These natural abilities can help you in the following ways.
  • Learn advanced, in depth, and specific information about each of the 14 different aura color personalities.
  • Be able to identify each personality type by observing their behavior, habits, issues, careers or various other traits
  • Discover each personality type’s language so you can effectively reach them and help them achieve their greatest goals
  • Learn which approach will help each move beyond their blocks and live their potential
  • Learn the specific steps each color can take to be emotionally balanced and happy
  • Understand what each color needs to stay physically healthy.
  • Learn what are the most common fears and issues faced by each color personality and what you can do to help each overcome those fears and heal those issues.
  • Understand each color’s strengths and weaknesses and learn how each can use their strengths to succeed in life
  • Discover each color’s true relationship needs, what type of relationship will ultimately be fulfilling for them, and where they could find that type of relationship
  • Learn the life purpose of each aura color personality so you can guide them onto their ideal life path.
  • All this and more…
This is a self-directed course so you may begin at any time. You can access the course in our virtual classroom at any time for up to 1 year.

Over 17 hours of informative video, audio and written content.

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