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About Membership

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  • Are you ready for life to be easier and more fulfilling?
  • Do you sense there is something more to life than what you’re experiencing?
  • Have you reached a crossroad in your life?
  • Are you struggling to find your life purpose, loving partner, or best direction?
  • Do you feel you have something wonderful to offer the world but you can’t seem to find a way to accomplish it?


I’m very excited to introduce you to AuraColors! We have unique information and valuable resources to help you create your best and most fulfilling life. We begin with understanding what your AURA COLORS reveal about you and then move on to exploring and experiencing HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS – telepathy, psychic abilities, mind influencing matter, energy fields, parallel universes, other (past) lives, and more…


We have answers and solutions for you. You can discover insights into your authentic self, your best life direction, your relationships and more. You will also receive helpful, practical guidance from a huge number of world-renowned experts on how to fulfill your dreams – all here on AuraColors!


Begin Your New & More Amazing Life Right Now!


What Does Your Aura Have to Do With Creating A Better Life?

Why Are Your Aura Colors Important & How Are They Influencing You?

Your Personal Aura Colors Provide Important Keys to Your
Happiness, Relationships, Wealth, Health, & Fulfillment



There are many different paths to self-discovery and self-actualization. One of the most interesting & unique paths is discovering what is revealed in your personal energy field, your aura. Valuable information about you and your life is revealed in the different colors in your aura. They hold powerful clues to personal information that can help you navigate your life journey.


You’ve been carrying around the keys to who you are and your best ways to accomplish your dreams – your entire life. You’re radiating out your own personal energy and broadcasting who you are all the time. This also explains why you’ve felt instantly drawn to some people and not others. You’re feeling their energy, their aura, and what it reveals about them.


Join Pam as She Reveals How
Your Personal Aura Colors Can Help You


    • Attract love and joy into your life
    • Develop happy relationships
    • Create wealth and success
    • Know your most fulfilling career and lifestyle
    • Understand the specific methods that will keep you healthy
    • Learn effective ways to change unwanted behaviors and attitudes
    • Discover personal steps that can lead you to your full potential
    • Determine your best places to live
    • and much more…



What’s great about learning about your aura colors is that it’s fun and easy! No need to struggle or work hard to know what to do. Your key answers are right there – in living color. Your aura colors tell you about you and what you can do to live a wonderful life.


Once you know your true colors, you’ll understand your life purpose and your best life path. You’ll also live a happier, more fulfilled life, which can lead to more love, greater wealth, personal success and radiant health.


If you’ve been on a life-long quest to develop more self-awareness, spiritual consciousness, and self-empowerment so you can reach a higher level of happiness and inner peace, the best way to achieve this is first to…

“Know thyself”

Great spiritual teachers and philosophers throughout history have emphasized the importance of knowing thyself.


Discover How Your Aura Colors Can Help You Know Yourself & Then Explore Higher Consciousness With Us – Telepathy, Quantum Physics, Stepping Outside of Time, Parallel Universes, Mind Influencing Matter, Other (Past) Lives, and More…

Become an Aura Colors Member Today
Discover Exciting & Unique Methods
of Self-Discovery



Once you become an Aura Colors Member you’ll be able to


  • Gain Valuable and Extraordinary Insights Into Yourself & Your Life

    Begin your journey by discovering what your aura colors reveal about you – your personality, life purpose, relationships, best careers, happiness, success, family, health and more. Then discover how to live your authentic self.

  • Hear Advice and Wisdom from Many of the World’s Leading Experts

    You don’t have to travel your path alone or figure everything out by yourself. We have assembled a great number of successful, world-renowned teachers and leaders in the fields of self-empowerment, spirituality, consciousness, relationships, wealth & success, quantum physics, health and mind-body connection, and much more to offer you guidance and insight in every area of your life. These amazing speakers generously share their experience and wisdom to help you reach greater heights in your life.

  • Receive Advanced Information & Guidance from World-renowned Intuitive Pamala Oslie

    If you’re an adventurous soul and desire to explore even higher, more provocative, life-changing concepts, Pam has also created other powerful and cutting-edge resources for you that can dramatically change your life. For example, discover how telepathy is becoming part of our lives, how to radically change your life by using parallel universes, how to develop your natural ability to affect matter, how to see energy fields, and much more. These topics are for those souls who are excited to explore beyond the currently accepted boundaries. Pam speaks from experience when she tells you the new principles revealed in quantum physics – actually work! She is a living example of what is possible and wants to share ways for you to discover and activate your own greater abilities too.

  • Access a Variety of Resources to Help You on Your Journey

    Explore the many Courses, Radio Shows, Videos, Written Information, Guided Meditations, and more. Each is designed to support you creating your best life experiences.

What People Are Saying


“I Am Completely Blown Away! ”

“I signed up for your amazing site and filled out your questionnaire. I am completely blown away by the questions and accuracy of the videos and results. I am a Yellow/Violet and I feel like someone reached into my soul and understood who I was for the first time ever. I’ve never felt so ‘gotten’ in all my life!” Tana

“Amazing Insights!”

“Pamala is a great teacher and is a truly gifted psychic. I took several classes that Pamala taught on developing intuition and psychic ability. I was amazed by the insights I had by using the tools she taught in just one class!” Julie Seidell

“A Treasure With A Beautiful Heart ”

“I am an avid fan of Pamala and I admire the wisdom and insight she brings to her work through Aura Colors. It has been my pleasure to interview Pamala about her work on my radio show and she is always an interesting and very personable guest. My listeners love her. Pamala is a treasure with a beautiful heart.” Alison Baughman

“Clear and Helpful Guidance”

“I have consulted with Pamala Oslie many times over the past several years and have consistently been amazed by her accuracy and insightfulness! She is able to go right to the source of an issue and offer you clear and helpful guidance as to how to shift and transform it. The interactions I’ve had with Pamala have greatly assisted my personal growth and healing process. As I’ve said to my friends, a consultation with Pamala is like several therapy sessions wrapped into one!” Sabrina Geshay

“Aura Colors Can Profoundly Impact People ”

“I’m amazed at Pamala’s accuracy and insightfulness. The information she has on the aura colors can profoundly impact people – and I’ve seen it happen.” Anthony Edwards, Golden Globe Award-winning actor

Pam in green sweater

A Special Message to You From Pam

My mission is to provide valuable information and very specific insights to you so you can live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Everything I offer is designed to help you discover who you really are, to achieve self-acceptance and self-empowerment, and to help you discover and align with your best personal methods to achieve love, success and happiness!

I intend to make your exploration into AuraColors fun, interesting, and transformational. I’ve created a lot of different resources that reveal very specific ways you personally can create an amazing life.

Discover how to live true to yourself. Discover how to use your own authentic and natural abilities to create your best life. My desire is to see YOU living a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life – and to see ALL of us living at higher levels and reaching our true potential.

I hope to connect with you inside localhost/auracolors soon!

With great joy,

Pam Oslie
Founder of Auracolors.com

Want to Know More?

As a Member, you’ll be able to enjoy hundreds of exclusive, commercial-free interviews conducted by Pam over many years on her radio show.


Hear the latest research and information from such visionaries as

  • Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Marci Shimoff
  • Gary Zukav
  • Dan Millman
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard
  • Lisa Williams
  • Kenny Loggins
  • Gregg Braden
  • Arielle Ford
  • Dr. Masaru Emoto
  • Lynne Twist
  • Anthony Edwards
  • Cesar Millan
  • Dr. Demartini
  • Bruce Lipton, PhD
  • Fred Alan Wolf, PhD
  • Peter Russell
  • Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks
  • Joan Borysenko, Ph.D
  • Jeff ArchChar Margolis
  • And many, many more…
  • Imagine being happy because you know your life purpose and you know the best way to fulfill that purpose.
  • Imagine having a wonderful, loving relationship because you know what kind of person is the most compatible with you and where to meet that type of person. And you receive helpful guidance on how to create a long-term, fulfilling relationship together.
  • Imagine loving your work because you know what type of career or job makes you happy and you understand how to make your ideal career a reality. No more working in a job that doesn’t satisfy you. You spend too much time in your work to not be doing what you enjoy.
  • Imagine being completely healthy because you know what your potential health issues could be and you know specifically what to do to prevent those issues from occurring.
  • Imagine discovering the natural skills you have that can help you create wealth and abundance. Your path to success isn’t necessarily the path others take to achieve their goals, or even how they define success. Your aura color personality has specific methods that can help you reach your dreams.




You’ll Also Receive…

Discounts on Products, eCourses, and Meditations


    • The Beginner’s Aura Colors Course

      Free to Members. This is a fun way to learn the basics about each of the 14 different aura colors.

    • Individual Aura Color Courses

      (Each color has own Course.) — This is for those of you who want more in depth information about your own personal aura colors.

    • Premium Aura Colors Course

      A Full & Complete Course on All the Aura Colors — These Courses are for those of you who want to learn everything you can about yourself AND everyone else in your world – partners, family, friends, coworkers, associates, and more. This Course is ideal for anyone who wants to develop harmony in their life, to nurture healthy relationships with others in their lives. It’s especially powerful for therapists, teachers, life coaches, healers, and anyone else who works with people.

    • Infinite You Course

      Explore Higher Levels of Consciousness There is a profound shift occurring in human consciousness. Something greater within us is emerging and we are becoming a more highly developed species, one with enhanced abilities and a greater level of awareness, and it is expanding our understanding of reality. Pamala says these greater emerging abilities are not only possible, they are real and natural, and she shows you how to develop them so you can enrich your life. She also discusses the science behind these shifts. If you’re interested in taking your life to a more expansive level, this course can help you quantum leap.


Pam explains how to:

  • Develop your sixth sense, telepathy, and psychic abilities
  • See auras and feel energy fields
  • Create using pure energy & the power of your mind
  • Use parallel universes to change your life
  • See your other (past) lives
  • Talk to people on the other side


Once you discover and truly appreciate the real you, the loving and authentic you, you can then explore your greater capabilities and reach even higher levels in your life with love and self-confidence. You’ll realize the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world is to express your true self and live your full potential. This is the best way to inspire others and to make your greatest contribution to the world.


Aura Colors Academy Certified Practitioner Course

People around the world are using Pam’s Aura Color System, books, and aura quizzes to help their clients, patients, and students. Now you too can become a certified Aura Colors Practitioner and increase your skills to help people. This course provides valuable information and in depth knowledge about each of the different aura color personalities. You will gain a deeper understanding of each of the personality types and receive specific and effective tools to enhance your ability to work with others.


…And there will be more eCourses to come!

Meet Pam Oslie

One of the World’s Leading Psychic Intuitives & Aura Experts

Pam on Ricki Lake Show
Pamala Oslie is an author, consultant, radio show host, professional psychic intuitive and aura expert, who can see the electro-magnetic field (the aura) that surrounds people. She has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, The Dr. Oz Show, The View, The Ricki Lake Show, Coast to Coast with George Noory, Hallmark’s Better TV, Home and Family, and many other television and radio shows.

Pamala has been a guest lecturer at the TEDx Talks 2012, the International Forum on New Science, Fortune 500 companies, and seminars for professionals in the psychology, education, health fields, and more. She has written four successful and popular books, Life Colors, Love Colors, Infinite You, and Make Your Dreams Come True, and has a very extensive clientele, including many celebrities.

The founder of localhost/auracolors, Pam’s mission is to help you create love, joy and fulfillment in EVERY area of your life.


Ready To Create An Amazing Life?
Imagine The Possibilities …

When You Join Today, You’ll Receive:

  • Full Access To Radio Show Interviews with Top Speakers in Personal Development, Spirituality, Quantum Physics
  • Emails from with Pam
  • Members-Only Discount of 10% On Select Products & Courses


Plus These Amazing Bonus

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