Meditation – Releasing Your Red Overlay

Meditation – Releasing Your Red Overlay


This Guided Meditation is designed to help you release the need for a Red Overlay by resolving past issues and helping you feel safe enough to let it go so you can be free.

What is a Red Overlay? People are not born with a Red Overlay. It is usually added to the outer bands of the aura early in life because the person felt a need for protection. (This band is not the same as the Red Life Color, which some are born with and is the band of color closest to the body.)

  • People usually add a red overlay to their auras for at least one of the following reasons.
  • They had life-threatening situations at birth, at a young age, or even later in life that caused them to perceive they may die or that the world was not a safe place.
  • They have been physically, emotionally, or mentally abandoned or rejected.
  • They have been physically, emotionally, or mentally abused.
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