Yellow Aura Colors

Yellow Aura Colors

Some Yellow Aura Colors are incredibly shy and sensitive, while others are outgoing, playful, energetic, and funny — often the life of the party. Despite these opposite behaviors, Yellows have many traits that make them easily identifiable.

In-power Yellow Aura Colors are delightful to be around. They are happy, healthy, caring, and generous, not to mention optimistic, fun loving, sensitive, and free spirited. They love to laugh. They are often creative — they are artists, musicians, dancers, designers, and so on. Their purposes for being on the planet are to enjoy life, to bring joy to people, or to help others heal. They are often found healing people, animals, or the earth. They love to exercise and eat healthy foods, and they rarely look, feel, or act their age. Yellows tend to live the longest, which is great if you want a long-lasting relationship.

Out of power, the childlike Yellows often struggle to mature. They can have a lot of insecurities, do not know what they want to be when they “grow up,” and frequently have serious addictions. Out-of-power Yellow Aura Colors often have issues with money, motivation, and drive. They can be lazy and irresponsible. For Yellows, money is not a major priority. They would rather focus on fun, friends, and freedom. Yellow Aura Colors can also have a fear of commitment. They love to flirt, are usually affectionate, and love to please others, but when the issue of long-term commitment is broached, they are quick to back away or flee. They offer numerous convincing reasons why they are not available for commitment — just yet. The pleasing Yellow Aura Colors are also among the most stubborn of the Love Colors, so using guilt, force, or ultimatums usually will not work on them.

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