Why is it important to know my aura "life colors"?

Why is it important to know my aura "life colors"?

Why is it important to know my aura “life colors”?

There are many valuable clues about a person hidden in their aura. The various aura life colors reveal a person’s life purpose; goals and priorities; relationship compatibility; most fulfilling careers and occupations; attitudes toward money, family, and sex; potential health challenges, and more. Knowing your aura life colors and those of the people around you can help you better understand yourself and give you permission to be who you are, as well as understanding and allowing others to be who they really are. There are no good or bad, ‘better than’ or ‘worse than’ colors – each color simply reflects a desire for a certain experience in this lifetime. Understanding that we are all different, that we each have a unique but valuable life purpose, can help promote peace, harmony, and acceptance on our planet.

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