Why is it Helpful to Know Your Aura Colors?

Why is it Helpful to Know Your Aura Colors?

Knowing your life colors (your main aura colors) can validate what you’ve always felt about yourself. Then you can allow yourself to be who you really are. You can live your true colors and be authentically happy rather than suppress your true nature, which causes unhappiness. So many people have been told not to be who they really are, that they need to fit in with society, or they need to meet their parents’ expectations. This can cause people to go through life not feeling happy or fulfilled. They feel or believe there is something wrong with them. Many people are in careers, relationships, or lifestyles that don’t fulfill them. Understanding your true colors can set you free to live your most fulfilling and authentic life.

Your aura colors reveal what will be the most fulfilling direction for you – your best career directions, relationship needs & styles, your best and natural skills to create money and abundance, your potential health issues, and more.

This knowledge can also help you get along with others. Once you understand who you are and the aura colors of others around you – you can allow everyone to be who they are instead of thinking they should think, act or be more like you. You can learn and then respect each other’s language, needs & priorities.

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