What Your Aura Colors Reveal About Your Weight

What Your Aura Colors Reveal About Your Weight

Did you know your aura colors can give you helpful insights into your health and your weight issues? Did you know that people with Blue, Yellow, Violet or Red in their aura typically can have the biggest issues with their weight?

First, what is an aura?

You have an energy field, an electro-magnetic field that radiates out from you. Everything is energy, after all, so it’s not hard to imagine that we radiate energy. You’re broadcasting who you are all the time.

While not everyone can see auras, we’ve all felt them. That’s why we can feel instantly drawn to or comfortable with someone – we like his/her energy. But with others, we want to pull away because their energy makes us uncomfortable or uneasy. We’re not compatible with that person’s energy or aura.

I see the aura as glowing bands or layers of different luminescent colored lights that completely surround the body. It radiates out like light from a light bulb. Everyone has an aura that comprises many different-colored bands of light that radiate approximately six feet out in all directions from the body.

One can tell if a person is healthy or ill, happy or frustrated by the intensity and vibrancy of the color as well as by the expansiveness and size of the aura. One person’s aura may be bright, vibrant, and expansive, showing a sense of openness, well-being, positive self-esteem, and good health; another’s may be faded and tightly drawn to the body, showing fear, illness, lack of self-esteem, hopelessness, or a perceived need for protection. A dark, densely colored aura usually reveals depression, unhappiness, or self-pity. Each colored band tells a story. Each color reveals important information about the person. Our energy broadcasts who we are all the time.

The aura contains many different-colored bands or layers. The one or two bands closest to the body are the “life colors” – those reveal the person’s personality, priorities, methods of processing life, life purpose, most fulfilling careers, relationship styles, potential health issues, ways of handling and perceiving money, children, personality strengths and weaknesses, and more. These inner bands of color (the life colors) do not usually change. The outer bands of the aura, however, frequently change colors and positions, reflecting what is happening with that person at a given time. For example, if a person becomes angry – red develops in the outer bands of the aura. That outer band color is temporary though and will eventually fade when the mood changes.

For simplification, I have categorized the Life Colors into three families: the physical colors, the mental colors, and the emotional colors.

Those with physical colors process information predominantly through their physical bodies, through touch. These colors include Red, Orange, Magenta, and Yellow.

Those with mental colors process life intellectually, by first gathering information, then analyzing it. These colors include Logical Tan, Abstract Tan, Sensitive Tan, Environmental Tan, and Green.

People with emotional colors process life primarily through their feelings, emotions, and intuition. These are Blue, Violet, Indigo, Lavender, and Crystal.

In Power & Out of Power

Each Life Color displays different personality traits when they are “in power” (centered & positive) and “out of power” (off balance or negative). When we are in power, we are living our positive personality traits and our true potential. When we are out of power, we are living in fear, self-doubt, and hesitancy – the negative side of that personality color. We are not living our full potential.

Health Issues for Each Aura Color

In my experience over the past three decades, I’ve discovered that 98% of all health issues (including weight issues) have a mental & emotional cause behind them.

I’ve also seen that each aura color personality type has a tendency toward specific health issues and weaknesses when they are unhappy or out of power. And each has specific steps they can take to stay healthy or regain their health. What works for one color doesn’t always work for another color.

The predominant aura color personalities that tend to have weight issues are Blues, Yellows, Violets, and Reds. I hope the information can help some who are stressing over their weight.

Blues & Weight Issues

You Blues are very loving and emotional personalities. You usually take care of everyone else first and put your own needs last. You value love, spirituality and helping others above all else. When you are insecure, you typically become desperate for love – often staying in unhealthy relationships because you fear being alone, abandoned and unloved; or you fear hurting and abandoning another person. With low self-esteem, you may even find it difficult to receive compliments. When you Blues fear not being loved, you can put on layers of weight for protection, particularly below the waist to protect your highly moral and monogamous nature. Obesity is common among Blues who feel unloved and unlovable.

Since love is your main priority, if you Blues don’t have love, it also makes you feel unfulfilled. Eating comfort food can be a way for you to try to fill that emotional emptiness.

Out of power Blues can carry deep feelings of guilt, anger, shame, or inadequacy. Blues are also very moral and monogamous – so sexual guilt can be an issue.

To add to the problem, Blues value spirituality more than physical qualities so you tend to not focus much time, energy, or value on your physical body. Most Blues don’t like and therefore are not motivated to exercise. Walking to the mailbox is usually the extent of a Blue’s exercise program. You Blues can rationalize and give a thousand reasons why you don’t have time to exercise – usually you are too busy taking care of everyone and everything else. And you may feel that if people love you, they should love you as you are – it shouldn’t matter about you appearance. After all that’s how you love others – unconditionally, the physical doesn’t matter.

These are actions you Blues can take to stay healthy and manage your weight:

1) Because a Blue’s weight issue always stems from emotional issues – walking,    breathing, prayer, and meditation are healthy activities for Blues.

2) Releasing past guilt and the fear of not being loved also helps you release your need for protection or need to fill the emptiness – thereby changing your need for comfort food.

3) You Blues need to learn to love yourself – to give yourself as much love and attention as you give to everyone else, then it can become easier for you to keep yourself balanced and healthy. You will feel more emotionally fulfilled and won’t have such a need to protect yourself from rejection, criticism or loneliness.

4) Realize that you ARE loved and you ARE lovable. Your only motives in life are to give love and to be loved. Those are beautiful motives. You have given to and helped a lot of people. And you are loved just because you are you and you have a beautiful, well-intentioned soul. Loving hugs to you!

Yellows & Weight Issues

You Yellows are fun loving, youthful personalities and usually the healthiest people on the planet. You usually look and feel younger than your actual age. Your positive, light-hearted attitude as well as your natural love of exercise and nature helps you live longer and healthier lives. (If you are a combination such as a Yellow/Blue, however, you may experience conflict around exercising since Blues don’t like to work out.)

Because Yellows express themselves more physically than most of the other aura color personalities, when you are unhappy or unfulfilled it can quickly show up in your health and physical body. That’s how you get the Yellows’ attention – mess with their health.

Yellows are sensitive and can get their feelings easily hurt. You can become insecure, fearful, even withdrawn. You don’t like conflict or facing problems, so one way you hide out and avoid or stuff your issues is to develop unhealthy addictions – drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, sweets and/or overeating. Yellows are actually the most addictive personalities of the aura colors. If you Yellows feel disliked, you can put on weight for protection or to hide from the outside world. Or you good-natured Yellows can add weight to help others feel safe around you – “I’m just a simple and good person, not here to hurt or displease you. You are safe being around me.” (Yellows often use humor for protection and to deflect criticism.)

Another issue for you Yellows is you’re such “Peter Pans” – you usually don’t know what you want to be when you grow up and often put on weight because you feel lost, confused and unfulfilled. People often pressure Yellows to “grow up” – words that can dishearten and hurt the childlike Yellows. You may turn to food, drink, or drugs as a security blanket, pacifier or something that can “numb” your feelings.

The following is what keeps Yellows healthy and fit.

1) Exercise is at the top of the list! Staying physically active always helps a Yellow. Spending time in nature is especially therapeutic for Yellows. You are the ones who love and need to exercise.

2) Avoid the negative addictions – in all their forms. (Good luck telling a Yellow what to do, I know – but if you Yellows are happy and fulfilled, you naturally gravitate toward the healthy addictions like exercise, rather than drugs, food, and alcohol.)

3) Keep a sense of humor. If you Yellows can laugh and make others happy, you can survive anything. This can also help you feel better about yourself, which can motivate you to lose weight.

Bottom line, Yellows need to enjoy life, to have fun, to connect with nature, and to make others happy. Staying optimistic, physically active, and facing your fears can help you avoid weight problems.

Violets & Weight Issues

Although you Violets can put on weight for protection or because you are unfulfilled, you additionally have some unusual reasons for weight gain. You are often sitting on or holding back your awesome power and energy – so it expands out like a balloon; suppressing your dynamic power can cause your body to literally grow larger.

Also because you Violets are leaders and you need to be seen – you subconsciously become bigger hoping someone will finally “see” who you are and what you are here to do. You sometimes become larger in order to be seen. Or many of you Violets are “weighting” for your lives to change and finally feel free to live your big visions and purpose for being here.

If you hold back on your power and keep yourself from living your dreams, you typically become very unhappy, even depressed – which can give rise to either obesity or eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.

Because you Violets are dynamic, charismatic, powerful leaders and visionaries, many people can misunderstand or feel threatened by you. To feel accepted by others, or to help people not feel threatened by you, many of you Violets also put on weight to help others feel safe – to make people think you are just ordinary, just like them and not to be feared.

You Violets also can gain excessive weight because you feel a need for protection. Because Violets usually have a very passionate, often sexually attractive energy, they have the strongest history of being sexually abused as children. By becoming heavy, Violets feel they will be less appealing to those who would exploit them sexually.

It can be challenging for you Violets to go to therapy for your weight issues because – being visionaries, teachers, and natural therapists yourselves – you typically know more than the therapists. So you must trust what you know inside, often coming up with your own insights or therapy. Or if you do work with a therapist, it must be someone who is very powerful and deeply insightful. You Violets don’t want it to take years to get on with your lives. You often benefit more from mentors or life coaches who can help you move forward rather than spending years discussing your past.

Tips to let go of emotionally caused weight:

  • Learn to feel safe with your own power and charisma.
  • Trust your vision and your desire to live a big, important life.
  • Understand that who needs to ‘see” you is you – to see, acknowledge, and accept yourself for who you really are.
  • Do not fear being attractive – instead trust you are powerful enough to turn negative people away.
  • Stop suppressing your powerful energy and start accomplishing your mission. You’re here to inspire others, to improve the quality of life here for others – not to be ordinary or play life safe.

Other practical steps Violets can take to stay healthy and balanced:

1) You Violets benefit from meditation so you can get in touch with your vision and life purpose. Then you need to take action on your dreams and visions.

2) It’s helpful for you to be around speakers, teachers, mentors or other dynamic Violets who are living their dreams so you feel it’s possible to live that large. Being around the energy or environment you want to live can help you believe and feel inspired to live at that same level. Otherwise, spending time around people who play it safe, your visions can seem unrealistic and unattainable.

3) Listening to positive, empowering music or calming and centering music is also beneficial to you Violets. You are very affected by music. This can inspire you to go for your dreams, which means you no longer need the weight to hold you back or protect you from critics.

Reds & Weight Issues

You Reds are usually very robust and physical and often found at the gym, so you typically stay healthy and fit. Your health problems are more often backaches from lifting too much, cut fingers from a butcher’s knife, burns from a fire, or exhaustion from physically overexerting.

You Reds are typically strong-willed, sometimes stubborn and you refuse to be limited by other’s morals or versions of what is acceptable. You enjoy having a physical body. You enjoy the physical pleasures of life so much that it is easy for you to drink or eat to excess; you can enjoy the sensual, animalistic pleasures of life a little too much. You love to indulge your appetites – food and alcohol top the list. So your weight issues are usually less about emotional issues and more about your tendency to stubbornly overindulge.

To stay physically healthy, you Reds may want to learn when enough is enough, when not to push things too far. It’s best to gauge your exuberance and learn to moderate your physical appetites. It’s helpful for you Reds to find healthy outlets for your physical needs – working out, boxing, dancing, or working so hard that a beer or two at the end of the day will not have much of a negative effect on your body.

Most Reds have no problem having strong bodies – with or without the extra mass. Many football players, professional weightlifters, dancers, athletes and physical trainers are Reds.

Sometimes you Reds are so focused on how your bodies look that you go to the other extreme – being pampered, overspending on spas, facials and facelifts – and would never think of gaining extra pounds. You love looking sensuous and sexy. If exercise won’t get you into shape, you have no qualms about having surgery to fix the problem. Many Reds are comfortable with sensuous curves and can love being voluptuous and alluring.

Exercise and moderating all your different indulgences are your best tools to keep yourself healthy and happy. When your body is in great shape – you feel mentally and emotionally great.

Green Aura Color Personalities – Weight & Health Issues

When you Greens are in power and balanced, you are strong-willed, intelligent, quick and ambitious. You are movers and shakers and can accomplish anything you set your mind to. You Greens can be perfectionists, however, and don’t like losing respect for yourself by not being disciplined and in control. Typically you Greens will not allow yourselves to be overweight. (Green Combination colors, however, can have weight issues – Blue/Green, Violet/Green, Yellow/Green, etc) which can cause the Green great inner turmoil. You can become self-critical or even self-destructive, over-doing extreme diets and weight loss fads. In order to stay slim and great looking, Greens often create eating disorders.

Out of power (or out of balance) you can become stressed and affect many areas of your health. Your main problem areas usually are the stomach and internal organs. You worry so much that you have a tendency to develop ulcers, stomachaches, colitis, and intestinal problems. Because of this it is advised that you stay away from coffee or other stimulating substances. Although Greens like the energy stimulation of caffeine it can be devastating to your nervous systems as well as to your stomach. It is usually your only addiction. You believe you can get more work done after you have coffee. As the effects wear off, however, you can become irritable, agitated or sluggish causing you to think less clearly. At the end of the day, you Greens often enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages because it is one way you can calm down or shut off your incredibly active minds. Too much alcohol can create weight or health issues – and then you become frustrated with yourself again.

Having a tense body is common for Green perfectionists. With work and stress, you frequently experience a tight neck and shoulders. And you often become so worried and anxious that you forget to breathe deeply. A major challenge for Greens is learning to relax. You do not seem to know how to take time off or take vacations. You Green workaholics tend to take life and your financial problems very seriously, which can cause a greater frequency of heart attacks and even a high suicide rate.

To keep from experiencing health problems, learn to relax. Usually the only time you do relax is when you feel you are in control of your life. So it’s helpful for you to keep a list of things you want to accomplish then you feel more organized and in control rather than overwhelmed. It’s also a good idea to schedule time to do things you enjoy rather than always doing work-related tasks. Although you Greens can enjoy doing work-related tasks, overworking can cause stress. Many of you Greens enjoy yourselves with one-on-one competitive sports, on golf courses, tennis courts, the racetrack, or in casinos.

It’s important for you Greens to learn to appreciate your accomplishments rather than focus on the hundreds of yet uncompleted tasks. Being extremely busy can make you feel important but it can also cause stress-related health problems. You can ask yourself how important it really is that you have control over every situation. You can evaluate the severity of each situation to see if it really requires worry and concern. Realize that it may not be possible or even necessary to control every aspect of life. If you can learn to trust the process of life more often, life can prove to be more cooperative than you imagined.

One of the most important pieces of advice for you Greens is to remember to breathe. You can think more clearly and rationally (and live longer) when you breathe more deeply.

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