What You Yellow and Crystal Auras Bring To The Holidays

What You Yellow and Crystal Auras Bring To The Holidays

Since we’re moving into the holidays now – I thought I’d share some ideas some of the positive things you Yellow and Crystal Auras can bring to your gatherings with your aura colors.

Yellow Auras – with your generous spirit, kind smile and sense of humor, you can keep people light and optimistic during these, sometimes, stressful times. You can remind your loved ones that life and the holidays are supposed to be fun. Keep them laughing. You’re also great at coming up with simple and creative ideas for gifts and things to do together. In-joy!!

Crystal Auras, you can bring calm spiritual energy to your family occasions. You can gather people together in prayer and meditation to bring peace and harmony to the meals. Since chaos can fragment you, rather than being affected by the stressful behavior of others, be serene and intelligent so you can calm those around you instead. Your healing energy could also dissolve any family emotional rifts from the past.

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