What You Magenta and Orange Auras Bring To The Holidays

What You Magenta and Orange Auras Bring To The Holidays

Moving into the holidays now – I thought I’d share some ideas some of the positive things you can bring to your gatherings with your aura colors.

Magenta Auras, your unusual artistic mind could create a vibrant holiday environment with lights and outrageous, moving displays for your family. Or you could prepare a unique meal to keep things interesting and non-traditional. You can remind your family that each person, even if they are unique and out of the ordinary, has value. Just remember to value their souls too – even if they’re not like you. There’s a place for each of us.

Orange Auras, your adventurous spirit lends well to bringing something out of the ordinary to the party. You do could something fun for the holidays and take your family on an adventure. For example, some cities have tours that take people around to see the holiday lights. Or if you’re more adventurous and have the resources, you could take them on a family ski trip to celebrate. Since you’re usually off on your own adventures, your greatest gift could be actually spending time with your friends and family.

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