What You Lavender and Indigo Auras Bring To The Holidays

What You Lavender and Indigo Auras Bring To The Holidays


Moving into the holidays now – I thought I’d share some ideas some of the positive things you can bring to your gatherings with your aura colors.

Lavender Auras, your creative abilities can be a delightful gift during the holidays. You can create a wonderful holiday environment for everyone. And you can create beautiful or fun stories to read to the children. (Remember there are children of all ages – in other words, the child inside each adult could also enjoy your whimsical stories.) Help keep the gatherings light-hearted, creative, loving, and simple for everyone. Bring out everyone’s inner child.

Indigo Auras, you can remind people of the intrinsic value of each soul at your gatherings by honoring and respecting each person. If people disagree because of their differences, you can share thoughts about each person’s positive qualities instead. After all, aren’t love, appreciation, unity and living higher principles at the heart of what these holidays are supposed to be about? Now is your chance to demonstrate those qualities to others rather than get caught up in old dramas.

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