What Does the Aura Look like?

What Does the Aura Look like?

The aura is a glowing light that radiates off the body, similar to a light radiating from a light bulb. Some auras are a soft, gentle light. Others have a strong and vibrant light. Most people have about six feet of many different colored bands of light in their aura.

The outer bands in the aura change all the time – depending on what is happening in the person’s life at that time. For example, if someone is angry, red shows up in the outer bands of the aura. Once the anger diminishes, however, the red dissolves. The one or two colors in the aura that are closest to the body, however, are the person’s “life colors”. These colors typically do not change through a person’s lifetime. The life colors reveal information about the person’s personality, the theme and purpose that person has chosen for this lifetime, what kind of life partner is best and most compatible, what kinds of careers will be most fulfilling, their strengths and weaknesses concerning money, health, family, and much more. Learning about your aura color personality and the other aura color personalities can help you create more compatible, harmonious, and fulfilling relationships in every area of your life.

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