What are "life colors"?

What are "life colors"?

What are “life colors”?

There are numerous colored bands in a person’s aura; each color reveals a different quality or personality trait. Some people may have five different bands of colors in their aura; others may have ten or more bands. The one or two bands closest to the body are the “life colors.” These are the important bands that reveal a person’s life purpose, their personality, and more. The life colors typically do not change throughout a person’s lifetime. The outer bands in the aura change constantly, depending on what is happening in a person’s life at different times.

The significance of the life colors is that they reveal what you are experiencing in this lifetime; the overall theme and purpose you are choosing. The life colors don’t “rule” you or dictate how you must be – they simply reflect the choices you are making. You have free will. You can change your aura colors any time you want. In Pamala’s experience however, most people don’t change their life colors – their overall life purpose and theme for this lifetime. They may add a new aura color and a new direction or develop a new skill and personality trait, but their inner life purpose usually remains the same. For example, the overall plan and theme you choose in this lifetime may be to help others, or to save the planet, or to express yourself through creativity as an artist, writer, or musician, etc. You may choose different ways to fulfill your goal, but the main underlying theme will still be the same.

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