Violet Aura Colors

Violet Aura Colors

Violets are the visionaries and communicators on the planet. They sense they have a big purpose — to help save the planet or change it for the better, to help improve the quality of life for people, to inspire people, to spread important messages, and to educate the masses. They can be the most dramatic and intense of all the Love Colors, often choosing the toughest, most challenging paths in life. 

These independent souls typically choose to work for themselves, create their own projects, or take leadership positions. They need freedom. Many become inspirational leaders and compassionate humanitarians. Violets are often drawn to careers in media, entertainment, art, music, literature, psychology, teaching, ministry, politics, and law, and to humanitarian or environmental causes. Global thinkers, they love to travel. They love music — the universal language. Violets are often famous. They are also frequently seen as being unrealistic dreamers. They need to feel passionate about life, their work, and their ambitions, otherwise they feel something important is missing in their lives.

In power, Violets are dynamic, powerful, and inspiring. They see the big picture. They want to jump from step one to step fifty without having to deal with all the steps and details in between. People tend to be drawn to the insights and wisdom of Violets, and so they place them in positions of power and leadership. Violets are tolerant of others’ differences — cultural, spiritual, and political — knowing that each has a different path to travel. Often intuitive or psychic themselves, they tend to be able to clearly perceive other people, seeing past the outer masks into their hearts and motivating them to live their truth and true potential.

When Violets are focused, they are unstoppable in their ability to influence people and events. They tend to multitask. And they want money for the freedom it gives them — so they can fulfill their great visions.

Out of power, Violets can be arrogant, impatient, critical, and self-absorbed. They can become frustrated with shortsighted, narrow-minded people. Some lose faith in their dreams and their visions, which causes them to feel scattered and to be confused about which path to take next. They then feel unfulfilled, lost, and often depressed. Violets are so intense and feel such deep emotions that, when they lose their way, they can become despondent and unreachable. Often unconsciously, they empathetically take on the pain of people around the planet. It is common for Violets to feel that they will never live their dreams, and that they are outcasts who do not belong on the planet.

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