There Are Many Different Tan Aura Colors

There Are Many Different Tan Aura Colors

There are many different Tans: Logical Tan, Sensitive Tan, Environmental Tan, and Abstract Tan. Most of them have very similar qualities, so I discuss relationships with Tan Aura Colors as if they were all one group. For more details on each particular Tan Aura Color, please refer to the book Life Colors.

If you are interested in having a partner who is practical, down to earth, reliable, stable, and a consistent provider, then a Tan is the partner for you. Tan Aura Colors like to figure things out in a logical and no-nonsense way. They are methodical, exploring steps one through ten in a linear fashion. The stable and predictable Tan Aura Colors prefer life to be rational and scientifically explained. And once they make commitments to their partners, they tend to create long-lasting and reliable relationships.

Tan Aura Colors, however, tend to keep their feelings to themselves. If you can get them to discuss their feelings, they will talk about what they “think” they feel. People often appreciate the calm, levelheaded, and sensible Tans. They are drawn to these partners because Tans help them feel secure and comfortable in their home environment. Most office employees are tans. Tan Aura Colors bring home regular paychecks, pay the bills every month, and make conservative long-term investments.

Out of power, Tan Aura Colors can be very narrow-minded. They resist change and are suspicious of anything new — they can get stuck in old patterns. Unless they see the logic or proof supporting something, they tend to reject new concepts and ideas. They can become temperamental, argumentative, and domineering, and may insist you do things their way.

Many people believe they are Tan Aura Colors because they have been raised to think and act like Tans. You may want to read the other colors’ descriptions carefully to make sure you are not another Love Color trapped inside a Tan Aura Colors disguise.

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