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Science & Spirituality

Science & Spirituality

Science and religion have been at odds for centuries – neither believing that the other has the truth about reality. Today, a new spirituality (or rather a revival of ancient beliefs) and a new physics are emerging – and together they appear to be revealing a new version of “reality.” Quantum physics is progressively validating what ancient spiritual masters & mystics taught.

So what does the new physics have to do with spirituality?

“The transition from classical to quantum physics marks a genuine revolution in our understanding of the physical world.” – Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Einstein declared that matter is made up of energy. E=MC2. When physicist study matter under a microscope, they find that at the subatomic level there is nothing solid about matter. And if at the subatomic level, all that exists is energy – waves of information, a field of all possibilities – then we too are made up of this energy. There is nothing solid about us …or the entire universe. That is a dramatic and profound statement.

Spiritual masters taught that everything we see in the world is “Maya” – an illusion projected out by our minds, that there is no substance or physicality to the universe. What we think we see is all an illusion.

Quantum physicists have evidence that “reality” is not what we have always assumed. And yet most of us go about our lives as if nothing amazing is happening.

In this space, we will be looking at what physics and spirituality are saying about who we really are, at the evolution in consciousness that is taking place and what that means for us and our daily lives. Do we really create our own reality and how can we learn to be more in charge of creating the lives we desire?

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