Red Aura Colors

Red Aura Colors

Red aura colors are strong-willed, powerful, practical, down-to-earth people who, first and foremost, love to express themselves through their physical bodies. They thoroughly enjoy the basic pleasures of life — food, drink, sex, and other physical gratifications. Red aura colors rebel against anyone who attempts to limit their indulgences. They tend to love all the creature comforts or toys money can buy. They may have the latest electronic gadgets, plasma screen televisions, and expensive tools in the garage, or they may have whirlpool bathtubs, expensive designer clothing, and luxurious bedroom decor.

Some Red aura colors are hard workers, while others loved to be pampered. Those who are hard workers can be tenacious in their drive to accomplish a task, especially a task that requires physical strength, courage, and endurance. They can be either refreshingly honest or brutally blunt in their interactions with others. They tend to have quick tempers, but can get over their anger just as quickly.

The Reds whose lives revolve around enjoying life’s physical pleasures tend to want others to cater to their every whim, and they can become highly indignant if their needs are not met. These Red aura colors are not shy about expressing their displeasure.

Relationships can be challenging for most Red aura colors, because they tend to be loners. They enjoy the camaraderie of others, often overindulging and partying too much, but eventually they withdraw to spend time alone.

Out of power, Reds can easily become angry, frustrated, physically explosive, and potentially dangerous. They are quick to start fights. Red aura colors have a tendency to react like threatened animals — withdrawing emotionally and striking out physically. They can be incredibly stubborn and argumentative too, and when they are, it can be almost impossible to penetrate the Reds’ armor.

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