Receiving Divine Guidance: Communicating with Source

Receiving Divine Guidance: Communicating with Source

Have you ever felt like you’re here on earth for a specific purpose but for one reason or another, you haven’t been fulfilling it—maybe because it has not yet been fully revealed or you don’t know how to show up for it? 
When this beautiful young woman Elpida asked me to participate in a free series she’s hosting, it felt like it was a wonderful thing to do. I want to do anything I can to help, inspire and support people on their life journey.
Elpida is hosting a free, 14-day interview series—available online beginning September 15. It features experienced lightworkers who are passionate about helping others step into their life purpose.
Just go to this link and Elpida will send you all the details:
We’re in such an important time on the planet and it’s helpful to connect with any wisdom and guidance that is available to us! I hope this experience will be truly valuable for you. 

With love, 
Pamala Oslie
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