Positive Things You Violet and Blue Aura Colors Bring To Your Gatherings.

Positive Things You Violet and Blue Aura Colors Bring To Your Gatherings.

Some ideas of the positive things you Violet and Blue Aura Colors can bring to your gatherings.

Violet Auras – with your emotional depth, compassion, and ability to see the bigger picture, you can be a great communicator and mediator to help keep peace and harmony in the group. You can help people see both sides or at least help them honor everyone’s differences. There’s room for all perspectives and lifestyles. You’re here to bring peace and a better life in the world. This is a great time to show what we are capable of creating together.

Blue Auras– with your loving and sincere heart, and your ability to sense what others are feeling and needing, you make people feel cared for. You often remind people how important love is by being an example. Show people, it’s safe to express love. Isn’t love why we have these holidays, after all? And you’re great at creating a warm, supportive and inviting home where people can spend time together.

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