Orange Aura Colors

Orange Aura Colors

Orange aura colors are physical daredevils. Venturing into dangerous locations and putting their lives on the line to feel alive excites them. They enjoy testing their mental and physical skills by challenging nature, competing against an adversary, or performing other dangerous feats. They love the thrill and adrenaline rush that accompany daring adventures. Relationships do not fascinate them as much as the excitement of living life on the edge.

When in power, they are highly intelligent and adept at strategizing. They can inspire awe in spectators. They are often willing to risk their own lives to save others.

Out of power, they can be cold, aloof, and self-centered. They care only about their next exploit and can become so obsessed with living dangerously that they put themselves and others in jeopardy. Their needs and desires come first. They can even become reckless and develop self-destructive behavior. Typically, these Oranges are not emotionally available, affectionate, or compassionate.

Orange aura colors are realists. To these risk takers, life is physical and tangible. They prefer to challenge and conquer material reality rather than to theorize about life and abstract philosophies. Spirituality has little or no meaning to them. They perceive discussing such concepts as a waste of valuable time.

Orange aura colors’ life purpose is to experience physical existence to its fullest, to reach the apparent limitations of their physical capabilities and dare to push past them.

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