New Year’s Resolution for Indigo Aura Color Personalities

New Year’s Resolution for Indigo Aura Color Personalities

Indigo - cosmicNew Year’s Resolution for Indigo Aura Color Personalities


You Indigos are here to live as examples of a new higher awareness. You are usually honest, aware, independent, fearless, and strong willed, but also bright, creative, and sensitive. You Indigos are old souls who know who you are and remember where you came from. You are so highly psychic, unusual and spiritually advanced that some people find it difficult to know how to deal with you. With your clarity and awareness, you are extraordinarily truthful and unwilling to be forced into any mold. You cannot be coerced into doing anything you do not believe in. You Indigos cannot be manipulated by peer pressure or by promises of acceptance and love from others. You do not believe in the concepts of guilt or punishment, so neither can be used effectively to persuade you to go against your basic beliefs. You Indigos can become frustrated with people, however, and can sometimes react by becoming hyperactive, withdrawn, physically abusive, or self-destructive.


Resolution: I commit this year to trusting my intuition and acting in alignment with these inner senses. I also commit to having compassion and tolerance for those who do not understand higher spiritual principles and may have lost their way. I commit to living as an example of love and understanding so that others may see what is possible and live with the same courage and commitment.

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