New Life Can Emerge

New Life Can Emerge

This is the perfect season to bring new life to your dreams. It’s the ideal time to plant seeds of your ideas into the fertile and lush energy of the universe that is all around you. It’s also the time to melt off the old limiting beliefs that have kept you frozen in your tracks, to let go of the past wounds and disappointments that have kept you suppressed. Spring is here! New life is here! Here are some thoughts on how Red Aura Colors can help us usher in spring.
Red Aura Colors, you can usher in spring by courageously moving obstacles out of the way so that a new life can emerge. You may literally have shoveled snow all winter or encountered other obstacles, but you show us how courage, hard work and determination can overcome anything that threatens to stop us. Allow your passionate nature to demonstrate to us how to fully appreciate spring and every other season, and how to fully appreciate the physical pleasures of life.
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