“Monday – Pam Offers Psychic Advice to Callers” from 5:00 – 6:00 PM PT

“Monday – Pam Offers Psychic Advice to Callers” from 5:00 – 6:00 PM PT

GetAttachment.aspx“Monday – Pam Offers Psychic Advice to Callers”
On Monday, June 15, 5:00 pm PT, I will take calls and offer psychic advice. You can listen on www.localhost/auracolors or 1290 AM in Santa Barbara. Call in toll free 866-564-1290. (In SB, call 564-1290. International call 805-564-1290.) Join us to see if any of the advice applies to your life too and or you hear insight into your own life.

I believe we all have our own answers inside. Once in a while, though, we can get in our way with our own doubts and fears, so I’m here to confirm and validate what you sense inside or share some insights you might be missing. We have a good time. My desire is for you (for all of us) to be happy and fulfilled, so I do what I can to assist you in that process. I hope you join us. (The show will also rerun on Sunday, 8:00 am PT.)

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