Magenta Aura Colors

Magenta Aura Colors

Magenta aura colors are bizarre, eccentric nonconformists. They love to shock people and challenge the status quo. They insist on living life to the beat of their own drummer and usually do not care whom they please or offend.

In power, Magenta aura colors are bright, innovative, and entertaining. They love attention and amusing people. Wild, outgoing, outspoken, and stubborn, Magentas like to explore the new and to experiment outside normal, everyday boundaries. They like to play with physical reality, to take physical substance and twist it into strange, uncommon forms. For example, exploring outrageous ideas and turning them into unique pieces of art appeals to them.

Magenta aura colors are typically loners, because most people have trouble being around their outrageous behavior. Their unusual way of thinking originates from a sense of the absurd, not from anger or rebellion.

Out of power, Magenta aura colors become withdrawn, dark, sullen, and often depressed. They retreat into their own world, where their weird and antisocial behavior becomes even stranger. They can become unreachable outcasts.

 (Many Yellow/Violet aura combinations think they are Magentas because they have so many similar qualities and experiences. They both can be creative, stubborn troublemakers. Both Magentas and Violets can feel like strangers in a strange land — like they are different from others. However, Magenta aura colors tend to focus on and enjoy the strangeness of the physical world. They are not concerned about spirituality or about humanitarian or environmental causes the way Yellow/Violets are.)

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