Indigo Aura Color & Relationships

Indigo Aura Color & Relationships

Indigos are intelligent, sensitive, spiritual, and extremely intuitive; most of them are actually psychic. Indigos can also be also extremely honest, aware, independent, fearless, and strong willed. Most exhibit a wisdom that is beyond their physical years. Indigos are ushering in a new way of thinking, a new consciousness, so they need partners who understand this and are willing to live with higher principles, those who have also developed higher spiritual awareness. Indigos need partners who are authentic, caring, wise, honest, and supportive. They want to completely bond with their partners, to be able to trust them with their deepest secrets, and to explore magnificent spiritual ideals together.
It usually doesn’t matter to Indigos whether this person is male or female, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, a different nationality, or a different skin color. They relate to people’s inner essence rather than their outer form – they want to bond soul to soul. Their partner needs to be able to understand, accept, and live at that same level. Many Violets (and others now too) have added Indigo into their auras and therefore relate to this description. That still counts.
Michael Jackson (Indigo/Violet). IF there are any of you Indigos out there who know of other famous Indigos, please list them here. Indigo is such a unique vibration, I haven’t had that much experience with them in the entertainment world so it’s challenging for me to sense them. Some believe that David Bowie had Indigo – I’m just not sure of that. I never saw him in person and when he performed, he radiated Magenta, Yellow, Green, and Violet and the list goes on. So I can’t verify that. IF anyone saw Indigo around him, please let me know! (A lot of Indigo children are being diagnosed as autistic, so they’re currently having challenging times.)jackson
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