IANDS Santa Barbara

IANDS Santa Barbara

Pam has been talking with guides and loved ones on the “other side” for over 36 years. She is now receiving unusual information that has never come through before!

Would you like to know what these intriguing times are revealing and what’s ahead for us? Are you interested in learning why you’re here at this time?

Pam shares her personal experiences, along with the insights and messages she has been receiving from these loving Beings on the other side.

Join us to hear fascinating information that includes a more expansive understanding of life, ourselves, our loved ones, spirit guides, our purpose for being here, the nature of reality, reincarnation and more. Discover how this information can affect our lives here and now.

Pam also covers these questions and more…

  • What has the other side shared about the times we’re in?
  • What is ahead for us?
  • What happens when people die?
  • Where do they go and what are they doing on the other side?
  • Did I learn anything surprising from those on the other side?
  • Do we choose our life path and our death before we come here? 
  • Do our loved ones stay with us or do they reincarnate somewhere else?
  • How can we connect with those on the other side or recognize signs?
  • What happens if someone has died a tragic death?
  • What happens with our pets when they cross over?

And much more…

With everything that is shifting in the world right now, this information can be very powerful, positive and helpful. We are definitely in special and important times. 


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