I feel I have different colors than LifeColorsCity gave me.

I feel I have different colors than LifeColorsCity gave me.

I feel I have different colors than LifeColorsCity gave me.

Please return to the Colors Questionnaire and look at your answers again. Make sure you answered the questions thoroughly and honestly. Do your answers reflect the real you – who you believe you truly are deep inside? Or were your answers based on who you think you should be, or who you’ve been trained or raised to be?

If the descriptions somewhat describe you, but they don’t fit you completely, it may be that one aspect of you (one of your colors) is suppressing or affecting another part of you (your other color.) Consider changing your answers in the questionnaire to reflect the true you to see if the results of your colors change.

Watch the videos on each color and read the descriptions again to see if you resonate with any of the colors. Ultimately trust your own inner feelings and intuition about your real life colors – even if your test results show differently. Be completely honest with yourself so you can discover your real colors. It may take some time and dating experience with other people before you realize you have different answers to the questionnaire, which then may reveal your actual colors.

Do the best you can with the colors you believe you are. See who your matches are with those colors. You can always change your answers later if you learn or realize something different about yourself.

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