How You Perceive Yourself Colors Your World

How You Perceive Yourself Colors Your World

How You Perceive Yourself Colors Your World

If you wish for anything more in life – more abundance, love, freedom, good health, financial security, joy, creativity, etc – and you find yourself continuously striving for it, it could be a result of how you see yourself.

Ordinarily we don’t want to grade or compare ourselves with others – but this experiment is designed to discover the perspective you have of yourself. How you perceive yourself can affect, limit or enhance your life experiences.

In your life – career, work, job (or even your love life) if you were to compare yourself to others in your field or situation, would you honestly grade yourself as an

A, B, C, D or F?

Really feel into those different levels, be honest with yourself and see how you perceive yourself. Compared to others in your field – what grade are you?

If you feel you are a “B” or “C” is that because you feel safer being one of those and living at that level? Do you feel you’re better off fitting in with the crowd, blending in so you don’t stand out? Do you feel you would be criticized or disliked if you were an “A” or that people would be jealous of you? Were you taught that being in second place would always keep you humble and striving to improve? Were you taught to not be arrogant or think too highly of yourself? Did you hear that “pride cometh before a fall?” Or do you think you just haven’t reached that “A” level yet, that you’re still working on it? …Or are you sincerely content being a “B” or “C” person?

If you’re happy being a “B” or “C” – that’s great. You can experience inner peace by appreciating and being content with what you have now. There’s no judgment about any of these grades (despite what we’ve been taught in school) – they’re just different experiences. But are you actually settling for being a “B” or “C” because you believe that’s the best you can do and be – that you are unable to contribute more to the world or to your own life?

And if you feel that you are a “D” or “F” – is that because you are disappointed that you haven’t accomplished something or reached a standard that you or someone else has set for you? Or are you beating yourself up because you sense you could do better and are not performing at your highest potential? Do you feel stuck and frustrated?

What would happen if you KNEW you were an “A” person? Imagine being an “A” for a moment. Really feel it.

An “A” is admired, loved, appreciated, and sought after. They don’t have to beg, plead, knock on doors, chase after anything, or fight to prove themselves. Offers easily come to an “A.” (Notice “A” list actors, athletes, producers, CEOs, etc – they are highly sought after and paid very well for their services.) “A” people love what they do – it inspires and fulfills them. If you are an “A” person – people want you and what you have to offer; they are willing to pay top dollar for you because you are the best. You could be an artist or janitor, a banker or teacher, an athlete, nurse, or counselor – but compared to everyone in your field, you are one of the best; you are a preferred and favored “A.”

Does that feel powerful, radiant, alive, or exciting? If you are not experiencing that level of happiness, self-confidence, ease and abundance, then you don’t perceive yourself as an “A.”

Did imagining being an “A” feel scary, or that it would be too hard to achieve? Or do you believe that people at the top aren’t really happy – and you don’t want to be one of them? (People – even famous or wealthy ones – who are not authentically happy don’t actually see themselves as an “A.” They usually sense they are frauds, imposters, empty, unlovable, lonely, etc. That is not a true “A.”) Do you envy, dislike or judge people “at the top?” Or does an “A” inspire you because that person shows you what’s possible? If you judge or dislike those who are successful, you won’t allow yourself to be happy, to live at the top or to be an “A.”

If you truly want to live your highest potential, to fulfill your life purpose, to really feel alive, happy and empowered – it’s important to see and feel yourself as an “A” NOW – not some day! That can change your life experiences.

So what can you do to shift your self-perceptions and live the abundant and flowing life of an “A?”

Spend time imagining and feeling yourself as an “A” – imagine being one of the best in your field. (If fears or negative thoughts arise – envision moving past those, knowing that it doesn’t have to be like that.) Imagine people offering you the best jobs and projects, and paying you a lot of money to have you involved. Think about someone that you admire and respect, someone who inspires you. Now see yourself at that person’s level. Imagine you have the same high-level qualities, and that people love and admire you too. See yourself having a positive impact on people. People are excited to be around you, your work, your creative ideas and your services. “A” people have a greater ability to do good things for the world.

Now practice aligning with that high-level energy every day, feel those same qualities inside, live your life as an “A” and go into the world with love, integrity and confidence.

You ARE an “A.” Enjoy success, fulfillment and being alive!

With love,

Pam Oslie

Founder of

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