How to Recognize a Tan Aura Color Personality

How to Recognize a Tan Aura Color Personality

You may have connected with a Tan if he or she…

  • is practical, logical and responsible.
  • prefers to earn a steady paycheck.
  • has a job that deals with details (I.E. engineer, architect, computer programmer, bookkeeper, researcher)
  • keeps most thoughts and feelings to himself/herself.
  • is practical and conservative with money.
  • is cautious when making decisions, needs to hear all the facts.
  • consistently and steadily works for years – usually at the same company
  • makes safe investments to plan for retirement.
  • prefers to plan things out; is not spontaneous.
  • remains rational and steadfast in a crisis.
  • does not like change or trying new things.
  • methodically shares every detail of a story.
  • takes a long time to get to the point.
  • talks about what he or she thinks, rather than how he or she feels — think is a Tan’s word.
  • drives a sensible, practical or inexpensive, but safe car.
  • wears glasses, and especially needs them at work.
  • is not trendy, preferring instead to be practical.
  • tends to watch the news or the business reports on television.
  • is steady and predictable; does not really enjoy surprises.
  • needs facts, data, and scientific evidence before believing something is true.
  • habitually does the same thing, in the same way every day.
  • can be stubborn and set in his or her ways.
  • Famous Tans: Clint Eastwood (Tan/Violet), Tommy Lee Jones (Tan/Violet), and Harrison Ford (Yellow/Tan).
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