How to Keep Your Aura Colors Happy & Inspired!

How to Keep Your Aura Colors Happy & Inspired!

You may be ready for some extra love and support to keep you inspired this year. Here are some ideas for your specific aura colors that can help you stay on track, reach your dreams, and find joy and fulfillment this year.

The best way to have an amazing year is first to honor your true colors and do the things that can bring your personal colors joy and fulfillment. You may also find the other colors’ descriptions and resolutions interesting as well, since you’re probably interacting with people who have these aura colors.

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YellowsYellow - beach volleyball

Some of you Yellows are shy and sensitive; others are outgoing, playful, energetic, funny, optimistic, and free-spirited. You Yellows rarely look, feel, or act your age. Your life purpose is to enjoy life, to spread joy, and/or to help others heal. To feel your best, you need to exercise and eat healthy. If you’re unhappy and unfulfilled, you often become addicts. If you’re confused about your direction, your best careers are creative (artist, musician, dancer, designer, writer, comedian, and such); healing (doctor, massage therapist, veterinarian, etc); or physical (athlete, builder, landscaper, etc.) You Yellows need a playful, fun-loving partner who is your best friend and who can accept your youthful behavior. Your challenge is often committing to something and following through. You Yellows have great creative ideas but typically procrastinate because of insecurity or fear.

Yellow’s helpful Resolution:

This year I commit to taking action, bringing my ideas and plans into reality and no longer procrastinating. My idea or project could bring happiness or be useful to others so I will follow through. And I will commit to doing healthy activities so I can reduce my unhealthy addictions.



You Tans are practical, logical, and down to earth. People often appreciate your calm, levelheaded, and sensible nature. You’re usually loyal employees who pay your bills and make conservative, long-term investments. You value security and stability. You have the patience to think through all the details and calculate the steps you will take in life. You Tans tend to keep your feelings to yourself and dislike drama, so you prefer partners who are reliable, calm, rational, and stable. You Tans are often architects, engineers, bookkeepers, computer programmers, behind-the-scenes support people, and such. You are usually not risk takers and can be uncomfortable with change. You can, therefore, get stuck in routine and limit yourself and your life experiences.

Tan’s helpful Resolution:

I commit to exploring new ideas and concepts so that I can expand my thinking and therefore my experiences. I will take steps to change at least one significant thing in my life and explore more possibilities.




You Violets are visionaries. Deep inside you sense you have a big purpose—to save the planet, to improve the quality of life for people, to inspire or to educate the masses. You usually prefer to work for yourself, to be a leader, or to be involved with groups that are making a difference. You Violets are often famous. You often like careers in the media, entertainment, art, music, psychology, teaching, politics, law or causes. You need freedom and you often travel. You need to feel passionate about life and your work or you will feel something is missing. You Violets need partners who are equals, who share your vision, are inspirational, passionate, and can soar with you. You are often told you are an unrealistic dreamer because what you want to accomplish is big and beyond the ordinary. If you don’t believe in your dreams, however, you can become discouraged, scattered, confused or even depressed.


Violet’s helpful Resolution: I commit to finding time to meditate or to be quiet so I can connect with my vision and dreams; then learn to trust those visions, focus, and take steps toward those visions. If I find myself doubting my abilities, I will spend time listening to or being around people who inspire me so I am encouraged to believe in myself – and my dreams.


Green - stock marketGreens

You Greens are intelligent, quick, and usually drawn to money and power. Often found in business, you’re movers and shakers, often workaholics. You’re organized, efficient, list-makers. You Greens are some of the wealthiest people on the planet. You need to accomplish projects or develop businesses otherwise you become bored and restless. You’re highly competitive and thrive on taking risks. Most fulfilling jobs include CEO, entrepreneur, stockbroker, banker, realtor, salesperson, organizer, fundraiser, manager, etc. You prefer partners who are self-reliant, intellectually stimulating, and respectful of you, your money, and your work. You are often perfectionists and can become impatient and overly critical when you are unfulfilled and unhappy.


Green’s helpful Resolution: I commit to developing more tolerance and patience with myself – and others. I will appreciate all my accomplishments, not just focus on what I haven’t achieved yet. I will take time to include more balance, enjoyment and relaxation in my life, not just work all the time, so that I can stay healthy.



You Blues are emotional, nurturing, and supportive. Your priorities are love, spirituality, and helping others. People usually turn to you Blues for comfort and counsel. You are very loyal to your families and friends, and you love to be in love. You live from your heart and tend to cry easily. You’re also very intuitive, even psychic. You Blues are often teachers, counselors, nurses, volunteers, and caretakers. You need mates who are loyal, caring, kind, emotionally available, faithful, and trustworthy. You usually feel guilty saying no and therefore tend to over commit yourself – putting everyone else’s needs before your own.


Blue’s helpful Resolution: I commit to allowing myself to say no; and to love and care for myself as much as I love and care for others – without thinking I am being selfish or inconsiderate. By allowing my own “cup” to be full, I am better able to overflow love and kindness onto others. One of the most loving and supportive things I can do for others is to trust that their souls know what they’re doing, tell them that I believe in them, and then allow them to figure out their own lives – knowing that is how they grow, evolve, and develop a belief in themselves.



You Lavenders are gentle, free spirits who prefer to live by your feelings and intuition, rather than by your intellect. You want to be free to move in whatever direction feels right at the time, and your directions change as often as the clouds do. You Lavenders are not here to make a social statement, change the planet, or rescue others. You just want to be free to explore your imagination, be creative and experience other realities. Through your imaginative styles, you Lavenders have a unique ability to take people into fantasy worlds or other realms through art, writing, or other forms of creativity. Being forced to stay in your bodies can sometimes be physically painful for you Lavenders. You need to daydream and escape into dream worlds for the same reason that people need to sleep. It helps you relax and recuperate from the stress of the real world.

Lavender’s helpful Resolution: I commit to being more balanced this year. I will spend time in quiet meditation and time exploring my imagination, but I will also spend time being more grounded and practical. I commit to being more responsible for my life, actually taking action on my ideas, and not avoiding the “real world.”




Relaxed pretty woman meditating at home

You Crystals have clear auras and are often channels for healing energy. Being natural healers, your gift is to help people clear blockages, thereby enabling the person’s natural healing processes to take place. You Crystals are usually highly intelligent. You love to read books, watch movies, attend the theater — anything of social or cultural significance. You Crystals are also known as the “aura chameleons” – your aura can change colors to match those of the people around you. You then take on the characteristics, emotions, and thoughts of that color’s personality, which can cause you to feel confused and disoriented.

You rare souls are often physically fragile. Because of your unusual sensitivity, you need to retreat often to be quiet and replenish. You often prefer to spend time alone, contemplating life and spirituality rather than spending time with others.

Crystal’s helpful Resolution: I commit to keeping balanced and centered by spending quiet time in meditation, which helps me maintain a connection with higher consciousness/Source, as well as a sense of inner peace and harmony. I also commit to spending quality time in the world, while keeping a sense of self so I don’t become too isolated and disconnected from others.




You Indigos are here to live as examples of a new higher awareness. You are usually honest, aware, independent, fearless, and strong willed, but also bright, creative, and sensitive. You Indigos are advanced souls who know who you are and where you came from. You are so highly psychic, unusual and spiritually advanced that some people find it difficult to know how to deal with you.

With your clarity and awareness, you are extraordinarily truthful and unwilling to be forced into any mold. You cannot be coerced into doing anything you do not believe in. You Indigos cannot be manipulated by peer pressure or by promises of acceptance and love from others. You do not believe in the concepts of guilt or punishment, so neither can be used effectively to persuade you to go against your basic beliefs. You Indigos can become frustrated with people and can react by becoming physically abusive, hyperactive, withdrawn, or self-destructive.


Indigo’s helpful Resolution: I commit to trusting my intuition and acting in alignment with my inner senses. I also commit to having compassion and tolerance for those who do not understand higher spiritual principles and may have lost their way. I commit to living as an example of love and higher consciousness so that others may see what is possible and live with the same courage and commitment.



Group of blue collar workers isolated on white, including a firefighter, police officer, and construction worker.



You Reds love expressing yourselves through your physical bodies. You live your life in the here-and-now with zest, strength, courage and self-confidence. Reality must be tangible to you – you must be able to see, touch, hear, smell or taste it. You are most comfortable and alive when physical strength and stamina are required. You enjoy the challenges of moving physical objects or your physical bodies rather than dealing with mental or emotional problems. You Red personalities are practical, realistic, hard working, and action oriented. You love seeing the immediate results of your work.

You can be refreshingly honest or brutally blunt and abrupt. In power you Reds are slow to anger. When you do get angry, you usually get over it quickly and do not hold grudges. You Reds who are out of power, however, become angry, easily frustrated, physically explosive, and potentially dangerous. Your rage is usually released physically. You can also tend over indulge your physical appetite. You can eat, drink, and “be merry” to excess.

Red’s helpful Resolution: I commit to maintaining a healthy and fit body – not to over indulge my physical appetite in ANY area. I also commit to restraining my emotional or physical outbursts and turn instead to calm and rational conversation. I will learn to breathe, count to ten, or remove myself from any upsetting situation, releasing my frustration in a physically healthy and socially appropriate way before returning to the person or situation.




You Orange aura color personalities are thrill-seekers and daredevils. You love the excitement of physical danger, often putting your life at risk just to feel alive. You love the adrenaline rush of excitement in the face of danger. For you Oranges, cunning skill, thrills, and excitement are the essentials in life. These are the things that make life worthwhile, to keep you in the moment and feeling fully alive. Everything else is just passive existence.

You seem to suffer more from physical injuries than from mental or stress-oriented problems such as ulcers. Your biggest challenge is staying alive long enough to eventually have the physical problems related to old age. On the down side, you Oranges can become self-centered, egotistical, and aloof, caring only to live in your own world and doing what you want regardless of how it affects your families.


Orange’s helpful Resolution: I commit to carefully considering all aspects of my exploits and plan my dangerous feats very thoroughly to show understanding and consideration to my loved ones. I commit to staying balanced, and will sometimes consider exploring the inner world as well as the outer physical world – so I can develop the ability to experience life on all levels and, therefore, become better able to relate to others.



Close-Up of a Punk Girl with Brightly Colored Hair

You Magentas are the nonconformists in the aura spectrum. People often perceive you as outrageous loners. You Magentas see life from a different and unusual perspective and you don’t choose to abide by society’s traditional standards. You are individualistic thinkers and consider following the crowd to be boring and restrictive. You follow the beat of your own drummer. (Yellow/Violets often relate to these descriptions as well, so make sure you know your true aura colors.)

You love to shock people, to shake them from their ordinary, humdrum existence. Wild clothes, bizarre tattoos and outrageous haircuts are just the beginning for you. Innovative and creative, you enjoy creating bizarre, controversial objects, often taking physical substance and stretching it into new forms that go beyond what people consider normal.

However, you can isolate yourself and become so depressed, confused, and lost that you have no interest in life or desire to interact with others.

Magenta’s helpful Resolution: I commit to keeping a sense of humor and not taking my view of life too seriously – so I can stay happy and connected with life and to others in my world. I commit to trusting myself, and enjoying my unusual choices. And even if my lifestyle seem unrealistic, strange, or impractical to others, I trust I have a unique perspective and that I bring value to the world.




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