How to Discover Your Aura Colors

How to Discover Your Aura Colors

How to Discover Your Aura Colors

Most people find the best way to discover their true Life Colors is to take the following steps:
– Answer the questionnaire
– Watch the videos
– Read the descriptions

If you want more in depth information on each color you can also read Life Colors and Love Colors, Pamala Oslie’s books on the aura colors.

1) Questionnaire: The first step to discover your Life Colors is to answer the questions in the questionnaire. Be sure to give your true answers, not the responses you think you “should” give or the responses you think will be more acceptable and preferred by others. The more authentic you are, the better chance a true and long-term match can be found for you. There are no good or bad, better than or worse than, colors. All the colors are valuable and have their place in the world. The colors just reflect different personality types. If you give true and honest answers – if you trust that the real you is acceptable and lovable just the way you are – you have a better chance of attracting the person who is authentically compatible with you. Also keep in mind when you answer the questions that there are often only subtle differences between some of the Life Colors. For example, Blues, Yellows, and Violets can all exhibit similar emotional qualities, a similar desire for relationships – although for different types of partners, and a similar desire to help people – although in different ways. If you pay close attention to all the descriptions, you may intuitively feel which one or two colors are most closely aligned with the real you.

2) Videos: Once you have your color results from the questionnaire, then watch the videos of each color to make sure those colors accurately describe your personality.

3) Read the descriptions of your life colors to see if they accurately describe you. If you relate to the descriptions of those colors, you have discovered your Life Colors. If not, you may want to consider revising your answers in the questionnaire. Ultimately, you are your own best judge.

Before you take the Questionnaire
– Taking the test during an emotionally distraught or traumatic time for you may skew or alter your true answers. If you choose to anyway – breathe deeply to calm down.

– We suggest you answer the questions as if money was not an issue in your life. Who would you be if you didn’t have to worry about money or finances? This will reveal the authentic you.

– It is more common for a person to have two Life Colors than it is to have one. It’s also common for a person’s own second color – the second side of the person’s personality – to suppress or contradict the desires and qualities of the first color. For example, if someone is a Yellow/Violet combination, the carefree, playful Yellow side can be offset or suppressed by the more serious and driven nature of the Violet side. Keep that in mind when answering the questions, in case you don’t feel you can answer yes to every question in your strongest color category.

– Occasionally, people suppress their natural Life Colors because of family pressures or expectations. For example, people with the carefree and energetic Yellow Life Color may have been forced by respectable, restrictive, or controlling parents to behave in a more disciplined fashion. The Yellows may have been told that it was not appropriate to be silly, playful, or irresponsible. Consequently, the sensitive Yellows can lose their natural enthusiasm, their creative impulses, and their sense of humor. Parents frequently raise their children based on their own beliefs and their own Life Colors. They do the best they can, given that they are not usually aware of their children’s Life Colors and true personalities. Notice if you sense the real you has been suppressed or unsupported in life, then answer the questionnaire as the true you, not the “domesticated” or “trained” you.

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