How Can Auras Deepen Spirituality? 

How Can Auras Deepen Spirituality? 

How Can Auras Deepen Spirituality? 

Written by Cassandra Warren, Contribution from freelance writer

Auras are colors in our energy field that contain a wealth of information we can utilize to lead a happier, more spiritual life. Learning how to read others’ auras can tell us the emotions they are feeling (for instance, if they are angry, or if they are feeling positive). However, our own auras offer  a vital way to gain the self-knowledge we need to be more spiritual. The colors you discover relay messages from God, your higher self, or your dreams. They contain important messages about aspects of your life you need to change if you are to attain greater happiness, health and wellbeing.

Why is Self Awareness so Important?

We lead busy lives and are often surrounded by noise, or fueled by the nervous need to fulfil various conflicting demands. According to Carl Jung, modern urban life was essentially an empty, lonely one, one in which most people were unaware of their rich inner life – what he called the ‘collective unconscious’ or spirituality. Anxiety, one of the most common mental conditions faced by people the world over, is the perfect instance of the mental health effects that a lack of awareness can have. Before a panic attack, specific changes take place that we are unaware of: our muscles contract, we begin to take in fast, short breaths, and our heart rate rises. Often, we are so out of tune to these inner workings that we don’t realize we are battling anxiety until we are in the midst of a full blown panic attack.

Aura Readings and Self Awareness

By reading our auras, we can gain a better grasp of our personality – our strong and weak points, our main flaws, and the patterns we tend to follow that may impede personal, professional, or social growth. We can also discover aspects that make us feel isolated, negative, or imbalanced. Like all spiritual pursuits, aura readings can help us feel more positive, connected, and at peace with ourselves and others.

Embracing spirituality is ultimately about allowing ourselves to feel more connected to others and to the energy force that many call God. In order to do so, it is vital to be honest with ourselves and to access vital information about the stumbling blocks we unwittingly set up for ourselves day by day. Aura readings are just one path to greater spiritual enlightenment but they are also an avenue through which we can better understand other human beings on a more empathetic level.

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