Gift ideas for Indigo Aura Color Personalities

Gift ideas for Indigo Aura Color Personalities

Gift ideas for Indigo Aura Color Personalities

Indigos are spiritual, honest, psychic, and they enjoy doing things for others – especially animals or children. Indigos don’t always value physical items. They are usually more philosophical, spiritual, and soulful so spending quality time with your special Indigo can be a great gift for him or her.

You could make donations to their favorite charities or find a special way to actually spend a day together helping animals, children or the environment. They appreciate items that support their creative interests – books, artwork or music. Meditation items and meditation retreats are usually special to most Indigos. They also often enjoy the latest technology – so consider computers, cell phones, or any other of the latest gadgets. They appreciate and connect with nature – so creating an outdoor sanctuary where they can plant their favorite plants and then spend quiet time there is a very thoughtful gift for these sensitive, spiritual, and intelligent souls.
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