Facebook Founder Says Telepathy is in Our Future!

Facebook Founder Says Telepathy is in Our Future!

Facebook Founder Says Telepathy is in Our Future!

This is fascinating!  Money.CNN.com reports that Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, says: The future of Facebook is telepathy. “You’ll just be able to think of something and your friends will immediately be able to experience it too if you’d like,” Zuckerberg said. “This would be the ultimate communication technology.”

It appears he believes this will happen through the use of technology. But since many of us already experience telepathy without the use of technology and gadgets, I sense a great number of abilities connected to consciousness will be arising.

Imagine how dramatically life will change when we realize we can communicate with each other instantly – using just our thoughts. How will humans change when we realize we don’t need to hide anything from each other? We don’t need to fear this ability. We are all actually already telepathic; we just don’t pay attention to it, or our egos pretend that we’re not. For those of you who fear you’ll lose your privacy – kindness, discretion, and respect for others accompany this ability. Accessing telepathy and psychic abilities has greatly increased my love and compassion for others. I can see who people really are, the pain and traumas they have suffered, what their true dreams are, and how, deep inside, they are just like me. Imagine if we all had access to see the true beauty of people’s souls, to actually be able to figuratively “walk a mile in their shoes.” Einstein said that we cannot solve a problem from the same thinking or mind that caused the problem in the first place – so let’s change our thinking and let go of old fears so we can solve our personal and global problems!

Our consciousness is vastly more amazing, powerful, and expansive than any current or future technology – and people are stepping forward to demonstrate this. I write a LOT about these emerging abilities and how you can develop them in my book INFINITE YOU. I believe in us and in our potential. Learn more here!

Fearing our potential will only limit us. I hope you choose love, courage, and optimism – and that you will be a positive force in these transformational times. There are so many wonderful possibilities just waiting for us to step up and into them – allowing us to live our greater potential!

If you have any comments, stories, similar experiences, or insights about this, please feel free to write to me. With your permission (and keeping your name confidential) it would be great to include people’s comments in a future newsletter. It’s so helpful when people see that they’re not the only ones having these feelings or experiences. And it’s time for all of us to live authentically – not hide out because of a fear of rejection, ridicule, or judgment. You’re safe with me.

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