Earthquakes galore. Some ways we can shift the energy:

Earthquakes galore. Some ways we can shift the energy:

Earthquakes galore. Some ways we can shift the energy:

Neurobiologists believe that the brain uses electrical signals to communicate and send information between brain cells. Thoughts and feelings create electrical impulses and currents, which flow beyond your brain to be experienced in the rest of your body. You can feel this energy particularly well when you experience strong emotions. While our thoughts and feelings can cause electrical currents to surge through our brains and bodies, this same energy also has an effect beyond the body. If the brain and body are sending electrical impulses and waves of information, how can these waves be limited to the body since the body is just energy? If the body is just subatomic particles and a lot of space, which is what quantum physics is telling us, where are the actual physical boundaries of our bodies?

I’ve observed the effect these thought waves or electrical impulses have on the aura, the energy field that radiates out from the body. This radiating energy or aura contracts when you are fearful or turns red when you are angry. It also expands when you are excited, happy, or feeling powerful.

These same waves of energy can also affect our environment. These electrical impulses can travel outside of the body, beyond our aura and into the air, much like radio waves being broadcast from a tower. Many of us have been in a room with someone who is angry and felt the intense energy coming from him or her. If you pay attention, when people have been arguing you can feel the tension between them. The air often feels dense or heavy.

If these electrical signals can affect you and transcend the body to affect your environment, might they also affect the weather and the planet? Science is discovering that the energy from solar flares affects the Earth and the weather. Why wouldn’t massive amounts of electrical energy coming from large populations of people also affect the environment and the weather? If large groups of people in a particular area are sending out electrical impulses of fear, anger or grief it’s bound to affect the atmosphere.

We could learn to use our energy to transmit calm, loving energy through the atmosphere to affect the weather and the Earth in a positive way. Many people subscribe to this ideology, and we’ve seen positive effects arise from groups of people meditating, chanting, or intentionally sending loving, calm energy into the atmosphere.

So with all the earthquakes rockin’ and rollin’ right now, we can help by sending out waves of loving, peaceful energy to calm the planet AND calm the people who are being affected. We can still “shift” without things being dramatic, scary or painful. Are you available and willing to help right now? Do you have the time or inclination? If so, thank you. (The above are excerpts taken from the book “Infinite You”)

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