Dr. Denee Jordan discuss “Already Well” on Pam’s Radio Show – May 4‏

Dr. Denee Jordan discuss “Already Well” on Pam’s Radio Show – May 4‏

Join me on my radio show to hear Dr. Denee Jordan discuss “Already Well.” Monday, May 4 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm PT. You can listen on www.localhost/auracolors and 1290 AM in Santa Barbara.
‘Already Well’ is a simple, yet profound approach to treatment that teaches the value of embracing and accepting ourselves exactly as we are, right this minute, as a way of liberating and empowering ourselves to make meaningful, successful changes. She has created this new and innovative approach to therapy and is taking it to the stage as a means of mass therapy.
Dr. Jordan takes a perspective on wellness that says that your whole life up to this point, including everything, has been the result of you doing your best to survive and deserves your acceptance and compassionate understanding. This includes the things you think are wrong, need fixing, or need to heal; and that the compassionate acceptance of yourself, as you are, is the beginning of getting better. We could all benefit from thinking this way. We can be so hard on ourselves, and can self-sabotage and prevent ourselves from being happy and healthy!
When you develop compassion for the parts of yourself you struggle with, your internal ‘power’ (i.e. spirit, energy, wisdom, immune system, etc.) emerges and makes finding contentment, healing, and prosperity possible in your life.
Dr. Denee Jordan
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