Do Different Cities And Countries Have Different Aura Colors?

Do Different Cities And Countries Have Different Aura Colors?


Yes. Even though people with different aura colors are in every city, state, and country, different areas tend to attract certain aura colors. For example, Yellows are typically drawn to warmer climates and natural environments. Yellows do not function well where there are a lot of buildings, traffic, and concrete. Breathtaking scenery or dramatic weather appeals to Violets. They also need access to interesting cultural, political, or spiritual events and people. Violets can become bored in small, sleepy communities unless they travel frequently. Greens need to live in or near larger cities where there is action and the potential for making a lot of money. Lavenders and Crystals are attracted to quiet, simple, and pretty environments. Oranges prefer to live where there is nature but where they also have easy access to their favorite daring sport. They may live close to high mountains, along racing rivers, or near Hollywood so they can work as stunt doubles. Magentas tend to live in larger cities where their bizarre behavior is usually more tolerated.

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The following locations resonate predominantly with these aura colors. If you live in any areas, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have these colors. However, if you feel drawn to one of these areas, it may mean you have at least one of the colors in your aura.

Many Violets aren’t sure where home is right now. Because Violets are global, they need to understand that the world is home and that they may be traveling extensively in this lifetime.

Sample countries:
Africa – Yellow and Violet
Australia – Yellow
Brazil – Red and Yellow (with some Blue)
England – Logical Tan
France – Green/Violet
Germany – Green
Italy – Yellow/Violet
Japan – Green with Violet
Mexico – Yellow
Russia – Violet with Logical Tan
Spain – Violet/Yellow
US – Yellow/Violet (Yellow/Violet country that thinks it’s supposed to be Green, Logical Tan, and Blue. This creates conflict. Violets desire freedom and global peace; Yellows are rebellious youth who want to play. Tans think they are supposed to focus on security and jobs. Greens are workaholics who want to be wealthy. Blues constantly try to rescue everyone.)

Sample sections in the US:
East Coast – Green and Violet
West Coast – Yellow and Violet
Northeast – Green
Southeast – Yellow, Tan, and Blue
Midwest – Tan and Blue
Northwest – Violet
Southwest – Yellow and Tan (with some Violet)

Sample states:
Alaska – Red and Yellow
Arizona – Yellow and Tan
California (southern) – Yellow (with some Violet)
California (northern) – Violet and Green
Colorado – Yellow and Tan
Florida – Yellow and Green
Hawaii – Yellow, Blue, and Violet
New Jersey – Green and Blue
New Mexico – Yellow and Tan (with some Violet)
New York – Green

Sample cities:
Detroit – Green and Tan
London – Tan and Violet
Los Angeles – Violet, Yellow, and Tan (Beverly Hills – Green)
New York – Green
Paris – Violet and Green
Rio – Red and Yellow
San Francisco – Violet and Green
Seattle – Violet
Tokyo – Green
Washington, D.C. – Violet

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