Discover the Significance of Auras in a Spiritual Awakening. 

Discover the Significance of Auras in a Spiritual Awakening. 

Discover the Significance of Auras in a Spiritual Awakening. 

Written by Jackie Phelps, Contribution from freelance writer

Auras have always been a part of the religious and spiritual worlds. In Christianity, they have often been depicted in works of art as a golden-white halo around the head of an individual. In India on the other hand, Buddhist and Hindu scholars have always been of the belief that there was a distinct link between auras and chakras and Kundalini energy. The appeal surrounding aura seeing and reading the brilliant aura colors has become so popular that the fourth Saturday of November has been hailed International Aura Awareness Day, a day aimed at spreading awareness about what the aura is and what effect it has on our everyday lives.

At some point or another most of us would have ‘sensed’ someone’s aura – referring to the ‘vibes’ someone gives off. Young children often display aura sensing, for example when they draw different people in different colors, which may indicate that they can sense the human aura, a formidable form of psychic ability. After being repeatedly reprimanded and questioned by teachers and parents they will stop, halting the development of their abilities for the sake of logic. An immense amount of research such as that by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory, has been conducted with regards to human auras, resulting in many astounding revelations. What is of particular interest is how auras, and the ability to read them, can be affected by the spiritual awakening of an individual.

What occurs during a spiritual awakening?

When you engage in meditation or yoga, pray to a God or creator you believe in or initiate contact with any spiritual entity, your aura expands significantly. When aligning with spiritual energies within a spiritual realm your aura can possibly even glow a bright white, copying the powerful light-love frequency of a higher dominion. When an individual undergoes a spiritual awakening, intuition as well as psychic power becomes considerably stronger. The person may start noticing auras, have detailed bizarre dreams, and hear and smell things no one else can.

During the time of a spiritual awakening the individual may also experience the surfacing a variety of psychic aptitudes such as telepathy, precognition and the power of healing. A true spiritual awakening can take anywhere between a month to a few years and is a very personal journey. Once the awakening is accomplished, nothing will be able to compete with the sense of profound inner peace and tranquility.

Why and how do auras change during a spiritual awakening?

Our auras are influenced by a number of factors including our emotions, physical condition and health, level of consciousness, physical environment and thoughts. A spiritual awakening has the potential to drastically alter one’s ego due to the fact that it changes one’s state of being. Someone who had a predominantly logical-tan aura can become a free-spirited lavender after an absolute spiritual awakening. A spiritual awakening will enhance all psychic powers, including aura reading. Despite the strength increase, practice is still required and one should continue to exercise seeing auras. Seeing auras, like any other psychic ability, can be improved and further developed over time. Once you are able to see your own aura with ease you can move on to try see the auras of other beings.

There are numerous techniques and exercises available, such as advanced meditation that can help you tweak your talent to see and sense auras. While the process might be slow it is one that is well worth your patience. As long as you remain focused and keep your mind open, you are well on your way to developing your psychic abilities to their full potential.

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