Can I Learn to See Auras?

Can I Learn to See Auras?

We all came into this lifetime with the ability to see the aura. As we grew older, we learned not to see it. Infants and animals still see the aura because they have not been taught otherwise. That is why a dog will differentiate between strangers, growling and barking at one person yet befriending another, and a baby will smile and reach out to one person, but cry and pull back from another. We may each see the colors differently, just as we probably taste foods differently. Not all people experience the same taste when eating liver or asparagus; for example, as evidenced by the fact that some people actually enjoy the taste of these foods.

People often learn to see the aura through different methods. Trusting what you see or feel is the biggest step.

Those with Physical Life Colors often sense the aura first through their physical bodies. Some are able to feel the heat from a person’s aura through their hands. You may experiment with this tactile sensing method by holding the palms of your hands approximately three feet from a person’s body and slowly moving in toward the body until you feel the sensation of heat or energy. In the beginning you may experience the sensation in your hands only when you are a few inches away from the body. However, with trust, patience, and practice your sensitivity will increase and you will learn to feel a person’s aura from a greater distance.

People with Mental Life Colors frequently learn to identify a person’s Life Color by comparing language and behavior with what that they have learned about each Life Color. For example, they will conclude that someone who is an exercise fanatic, who has a childlike, playful personality and who doesn’t like to work probably has a Yellow Life Color. Those with Mental Life Colors can be some of the least trusting of their intuitive abilities. They feel more comfortable analyzing the facts regarding a person’s lifestyle, behavior, and occupation and often learn to “see” the aura intellectually.

Many with Emotional Life Colors intuitively sense a person’s Life Color before they physically see it. They can feel whether the person is an insecure and sensitive Yellow, an emotionally depressed Blue, or a powerful Green by tuning in. Blues, for example, are able to become quiet inside, ask their higher selves about another person’s Life Color, and usually receive the correct answer. Because Violets are such visual personalities, they tend to actually see the aura before most people do. Their third eye seems to be more developed. It appears that Indigos, the new psychic children, also have retained their ability to see or sense the aura.

A simple exercise to help you see the aura is to have someone stand in front of a white background while you focus just above and beyond the person’s head. After a while you will be able to see a soft white glow around the body. Many people assume that what they are seeing is an optical illusion, an afterimage of the physical body. (For example, if you stare at something red for a while and then look away, the opposing color green will appear before your eyes. This is an optical illusion.) To prove to yourself that you are seeing the aura, ask the person to concentrate energy and imagine an intense beam of light shooting from the top of the person’s head. You should be able to see that white glow expand, intensify, or fluctuate.

The key is to ask your higher source to help you see it and then to trust what you see. Make sure you are not afraid to see the aura, because fear can hold you back. Are you concerned that your friends and family will think that you are crazy? Are you afraid they will stop loving you? Are you afraid of your own power or your psychic abilities?

We are moving into an era in which we will become aware that we are unlimited beings. We have many more abilities than we believe we have at this time. The ability to see the aura is a natural one we have forgotten how to use. It can be easy to reawaken that ability.

Learning to see the aura will help us understand that we have more talents and abilities than we realize. It will also help us better understand others and ourselves. If we are ever to experience peace and harmony on the planet, understanding one another and accepting our differences as well as our similarities are major steps toward reaching that goal.

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