Can I Intentionally Change or Add Colors to My Aura?

Can I Intentionally Change or Add Colors to My Aura?

Life Colors – Because you have free will and have no limits, you can change your life colors, although I’ve rarely seen anyone do that unless they are complete with their original life plan and have decided to now make new plans. They create a new life purpose, a new direction and more. If you feel you have changed over your lifetime, it may be because you have either finally come into your original life colors, have stopped living an aura color that you have added in your outer bands, and have started living your original life plan. Or you have primarily been focused and living one of your aura colors and now you are focused and living your second aura life color.

Outer bands of color – You constantly add and change your outer bands of colors, though you are usually unaware you are doing so. The colors reflect your state of consciousness at the time. If, for example, you decide you must become more responsible and hard-working and that you must earn more money and accomplish a financial goal, green will begin to develop in the outer bands. Your Life Colors usually remain intact, but your behavior temporarily shifts into more Green aspects. You may find yourself uncharacteristically more driven, more concerned with money, and occasionally more frustrated with other people’s lack of ambition.

A few methods can help you add colors to your aura. Your thoughts and imagination are your most powerful tools for creating what you want. Imagining and declaring that you have a certain color in your aura instigates the process, and that color will begin to develop. You can imagine or visualize yourself surrounded by that color. Add that color to your environment. Wearing a certain color does affect your aura and may add that color to your aura. Inhaling and imagining you are breathing the color into your body will also help you become the personality of that color.

When you decide to add certain qualities and behaviors into your life, the corresponding colors begin to evolve in your aura. If you decide, for example, that you are going to relax and have more fun in your life or maybe design some creative project, yellow will begin to emerge in your aura. If you decide you want to begin helping the planet by becoming involved in a humanitarian, environmental, or political cause, violet will appear in your aura. The more determined and dedicated you are with the new concepts and the more action you take in those directions, the brighter and more intense the color becomes.

Even if you unintentionally develop a behavior, the corresponding aura color will develop as well. For example, if you suddenly become outraged and angered, red will begin flashing in your aura. If you become pregnant and notice mothering instincts developing, blue will most likely also become apparent in your aura.

To consciously add colors into your aura, you must either visualize the specific color around you or develop the behaviors and qualities associated with that color. If you desire to be more loving and nurturing toward your family, either visualize blue around you or start behaving in a more loving way. Either method will add blue to your aura.

Be aware that if you add a color to your aura, you may easily experience that color’s out-of-power characteristics as well as its in-power traits. If you add violet, you may become scattered and overwhelmed by the number of new projects you have recently undertaken. If you add blue, you may discover that you are suddenly a great deal more emotional. By adding yellow, you may find that you are unmotivated to accomplish anything or that you have an unusual craving for sweets.

When you introduce new colors into your aura, you must learn to stay in power with the new personality traits, just as those who have had the Life Colors since birth must do. When you develop a balance all of the individual colors, they form the perfect white light.

People often ask if adding green to their auras will stimulate healing. Many healers use green in their work. They paint their offices green or ask their clients to visualize green. This is not related to the Life Color Green. Healers use green because it lies in the middle of the color spectrum and therefore promotes the balance that is necessary for self-healing.

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