Blue Aura Colors

Blue Aura Colors

Blue aura colors are the most emotional, nurturing, and supportive personalities among the Love Colors. Their highest priorities are love and spirituality. Living predominantly from their hearts, they tend to cry easily. They cry when they are happy, sad, angry, or hurt, and any time in between.

Their purpose for being on the planet is to give love and to be in service to others. Blue aura colors are often teachers, counselors, and nurses — the caretakers on the planet. In power, Blue aura colors are unconditionally loving and accepting of others — they will give people ninety-nine second chances. People tend to turn to Blues for comfort and counsel. Blue aura colors tend to be wonderful givers, but they often lack the sense of self-worth that enables them to receive. Blues are also the most intuitive and psychic of the Love Colors. There is no apparent logic behind their inner feelings and insights. They just “know” things.

Blue aura colors are loyal to their partners, families, and friends and need to bond emotionally with their mates. They cherish being in long-term, committed, monogamous relationships but will often stay in unhealthy, unfulfilling, and even abusive relationships much longer than they should. It is easy for others to take them for granted.

The lesson that Blue aura colors most often need to learn is that they are lovable. Out of power, they usually have low self-esteem and can easily become victims, martyrs, and doormats. They suffer the most when they feel abandoned and unloved — they can feel intensely sorry for themselves and become very depressed.

Although there are exceptions, Blue aura colors tend to be females or gay men. If you meet a heterosexual male whom you believe is a Blue, he is more likely a Yellow or a Yellow/Violet combination.

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