Alan Hugenot will be the guest on my radio show today, 4/11 from 5:00 – 6:00 PM PT

Alan Hugenot will be the guest on my radio show today, 4/11 from 5:00 – 6:00 PM PT

40 some years ago Alan Hugenot, while a college student, was killed in a motor cycle accident. But he returned for a second life in the same physical body. Today, the medical community calmly says that he, “survived a Near-Death experience (NDE)”, But, in those days (early 1970’s), if he talked about being dead, traveling out of body to the other side and coming back, they wanted to immediately commit him to the “nut-house”. It was not until 1975 and the publication of Dr. Raymond Moody’s book Life after Life, and it’s integration into the main stream that the medical community finally began to allow NDE survivors to speak more freely about their experiences.

Hugenot is also one of the engineers that are developing a “soul phone” – a phone that will enable you to talk with your loved ones on the other side!!! Does that sound too incredible to be true? That’s what they said about flight too. They thought it was impossible for airplanes to fly, let alone one filled with hundreds of people. And look what we have now. Look at the advanced technology that makes smart phones possible. Join us and discover what these engineers already know about the technology that will make talking to the other side possible!

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