A New Year’s Resolution for Violet Color Personalities

A New Year’s Resolution for Violet Color Personalities

Violet - singerA New Year’s Resolution for Violet Color Personalities

You Violets are visionaries. Deep inside you sense you have a big purpose—to save the planet, to improve the quality of life for people, to inspire or educate the masses. You Violets usually prefer to work for yourselves, to be leaders, or to be involved with groups who are making a difference. Violets are often famous. You often like careers in the media, entertainment, art, music, psychology, teaching, politics, law or causes. You need freedom and often travel. You need to feel passionate about life and your work or you will feel something is missing. You Violets need partners who are equals, who share your vision, are inspirational, passionate, and can soar with you. You Violets are often told you are unrealistic dreamers because what you want to accomplish is big and beyond the ordinary. If you don’t believe in your dreams, however, you could become discouraged, scattered, confused or even depressed.

New Year’s Resolution: I commit to finding time to meditate and to be quiet so I can connect with my vision and dreams; then learn to trust those visions, focus, and take steps toward those visions. If I find myself doubting my abilities, I will spend time around people who inspire me so I am encouraged to believe in myself – and my dreams.

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