2016 Predictions

2016 Predictions

back-auraPeople have asked me to share what I see for 2016 (and beyond) so here it is. I always encourage people to listen to their own intuition, so please believe, imagine, and envision any personal and global future that you desire. I have no political, religious, or economic agenda here. I respect people’s individual beliefs. I’m just sharing what I see.

Actually, if you read all the way to the end of this article, you’ll see something very interesting about YOUR participation in future events and your influence on future predictions. (Read “Your personal and global future…”)

I am very optimistic about the future, despite the fact that the world is going through “labor pangs” as we shift, grow, and evolve. Ultimately, we’ll be fine. Actually, despite the outer appearances, we and the world are improving and we’ll be more than fine.

Chaos always occurs as existing systems and structures begin to change. The old falls apart so the new and improved can take form. That’s what is happening now. We’ve asked for a better life so we need to allow and support the development of new systems. We are in the process of creating better lives and a better world.

Because 2016 appears to still have some of the same challenges that we experienced in 2015 – economic ups and downs, weather and environmental challenges, global terrorism and more, I include predictions that go further into the future than just this new year.

Green - stock marketEconomy

We’re resilient people. I do NOT see a collapse of this country (USA), as so many are predicting. I do NOT see martial law, people rioting with guns while they run on the banks; I do not see this country’s financial system totally collapsing. I know people are panicked and have been buying up gold to protect or insure their current lifestyle, but you can’t eat gold. And if you had a food, would you sell all of it to someone who offered you gold? (However, if having gold makes you feel more secure, then do that. Feeling secure will improve the quality of your experiences so do what makes you feel safer.) 

Yes, there will be more challenges ahead but there have always been challenges. The truth is, things are actually better on the planet. We ARE making progress.

The thing is, the world is so connected now that the different countries depend on the survival of each other. The world especially counts on the stability of the bigger, more economically powerful countries. Even if a country takes a down turn, some how it rises again – hopefully in a more positive form. We will make sure of that.

Even if our paper money no longer has gold behind it, as it did before – something innovative will take its place. We are innovative people and we need to reach for that to sustain our economy and the country.

Some people in this country complain that the USA no longer manufactures anything and that is the cause of our economic downfall. But we’re not supposed to be the manufacturers any more. We’ve done that. Manufacturing has moved over to other countries now. We are supposed to focus on innovation – especially in technology, energy, environmental sustainability, space travel, and such.

Successful innovators are ultimately the ones who will be able to sidestep the political and economic power of large companies that have a conflict of interest, and that could block our progress because it threatens their current stronghold.

There will always be ups and downs in the stock market and highs and lows in the housing market – but overall, in the long run, both will always rise higher. You can see this has always happened. For example, the median house price in the US in 1940 was $2,938. In 2000, the national median house price was $119,600. One just needs to plan for the long term.

Wars and Global Conflict

I do NOT see a WWIII. We’re done with such large world wars. Yes, there will continue be the old “chest pounding” and conflicts with different countries for a while, but eventually even that behavior will shift. It will take years, possibly decades, but we will see a calming down as we realize that war, and a “them-against-us” mentality is not productive. I even see – far into the future – countries in the Middle East coming up with peace treaties. The treaties won’t stick at first, as we’ve seen – but eventually they will come up with solutions to live side by side – just as people in Ireland (the Catholics and the Protestants) committed to change and to stopped killing each other.

In my perception, the predicted “Armageddon” is an internal battle. But inner battles often project and express themselves out in the outer world. I’m not challenging anyone’s religious, political or ideological beliefs. I honor people’s individual and personal beliefs. You’re free to believe what you want to believe. I’m just sharing what I see. My visions are ultimately positive and optimistic. You can accept or reject any or all of these visions. (Once again, read through to the end to see an unusual perspective on predictions.)


Yes, there will still be some attacks in the USA and other countries for a while, probably years. But the terrorists will not succeed. They will not ultimately accomplish what they’re trying to do. They will not destroy countries. Eventually the world’s people and systems will eradicate terrorism. But more importantly, terrorists will not be able to crush the spirit of the people or change where the world is headed, so their attempts and their approach will eventually fade away. So be prepared for more challenges ahead, but don’t live in fear. That will only prolong the problems. Areas of concern are NYC (potentially near the NYSE – the stock exchange), Los Angeles, Baltimore, Wash DC, Seattle and up by the Great Lakes – most likely Chicago.

Crushing or “taking out” a terrorist group will ultimately not be the solution because another one will just replace it. We’ve already seen this. We can see this as a “wake up call” to point out the areas where we still need healing – where there is still pain, fear and suffering with people on the planet. The solution will be to shift the thinking on the planet, educate and positively empower people, make people more aware of what’s possible for them, and create a better life for people around the world. Yes, it IS possible. We’re already headed in that direction. Dysfunction, abuses, and cruelties are already being revealed. We’re already making headway with women’s rights, gay rights, other human rights, animal rights, and more. Schools are already being established in countries where education was either unavailable or illegal. We’re finding places that need balance; we’re correcting the imbalances.

The media – including and especially social media – is having a huge impact on these issues. They are helping to educate and bring more awareness to people around the world. We are becoming more connected, aware, tolerant, and compassionate.

Media & Social MediaViolet - singer

As much as people rant and rail against both the media and social media, I focus on the ways we can use these systems positively and productively. The media will change when the masses are more interested in positive news than in shock and drama. The media will bend to the interests of the people. They will have to – to stay in business. Even now, we are beginning to see more positive messages in the media, such as an emphasis on human kindness, inspiration, and positive accomplishments.

Despite many complaints that people spend too much time on their smart phones rather than on making a connection with the people right in front of them, social media and technology are also connecting us globally. People are more aware of what is happening around the world because of these technologies. Governments and dictatorships have fallen due to the power of people using social media. It is ultimately informing and educating us, and leading us toward more understanding, tolerance, and compassion for other cultures.

In the BIG picture, we are headed to having relaxed borders between countries. It will become easier for people to live where they want (this is decades away, but it’s coming.) Just as Europe dropped it’s border patrols between countries, we are headed to less stringent borders, becoming more globally conscious – realizing we are all in this together. People will pay into the systems of the countries they live in and receive benefits from those countries accordingly. Until then, there will be different immigration laws put into place – more supervised in this country (USA) at first, but eventually that will shift into something more open and compassionate. People will eventually realize the value that people from various cultures bring to the world, and to each of the different countries.

We will eventually have a much stronger “world governing” system. This doesn’t need to be any more frightening that what exists now – self-governing cities inside one governing state, or self-governing states inside one governing country. It’ll be acceptable to have multiple self-governing countries under one governing world system.


Large clouds of gas glowing deep in space

One doesn’t have to be psychic to know that technology will continue to evolve. We will see things that even our current science fiction hasn’t envisioned yet. We’re headed toward holographic movies and television, for example. The newest trends, virtual reality and augmented reality, are just steps in that direction. And eventually we won’t need to wear goggles to watch virtual reality movies. (Ultimately, these technologies are leading us to something even more profound. You can read more about this in my book Infinite You, if you are interested in hearing more.)

Ultimately, we will create technologies that will free us up. It will allow people to do what they love to do – to work and create projects that they find interesting, rather than feeling they have to work in unfulfilling jobs just to pay their bills. Rather than fearing that technology and robots could take over the jobs currently done by humans, we should see it as a blessing and an opportunity for people to become more innovative and creative. We can create things that we enjoy rather than working so hard just to survive. Mankind’s ability to dream and create can be our greatest asset. We’ll continue to create new projects and things to do. And those new innovations and projects will create new jobs for those who prefer to have jobs.

Currently, some of the most advanced technologies are being used by the military. But eventually those technologies will find their way into the world in general. More and more technologies will utilize the power of light – including cloaking devices that bend light. Communication, transportation, healing and medicine, entertainment, and art will all be using light and other forms of energy in a more advanced way.

Because even the ancients knew about using the power of sound (frequencies), we’ll be utilizing that more too. We will be using different sounds/frequencies in levitation, which will open up a whole new form of transportation. I sense that will be developed in our lifetime. (Of course, that depends on how long you plan on staying in your body.)

I do not see robots or cyborgs taking over the world, aka Terminator. We’re in the process of shifting our consciousness so we won’t need to create that type of drama. (Read the end of this article to see more on the probability of this and other future predictions.)

Medicine and Healing

We’re already seeing a move toward more holistic healing approaches – and the medical and insurance worlds will be encouraged (or pressured) to support more of these modalities. They will eventually realize there is a strong mind-body connection and pay more attention to providing psychological and emotional services to patients. (In my thirty years of doing psychic readings, I’ve discovered that 99% of all illnesses and “accidents” have a mental/emotional issue underlying them. Even if the illness and/or symptoms are eradicated, if the underlying emotional issue isn’t resolved, the physical illness may just show itself in another way. This is the real reason there are side effects from different medications. Your inner self is crying for attention and for healing some issue or emotional wound that you’re carrying around. Your soul, your inner self, will continue to try to get your attention. Developing health issues, for some people, is the strongest – or only – way to get their own attention.)

Some biologists are seeing that our thoughts and emotions affect our DNA. We are not at the mercy of our physiology. Our thoughts and beliefs are powerful, which has been revealed by the use of placebos. Our thoughts can heal us, which could alleviate the need for medication.

Yes, there will be more bionic replacement parts for the body, but I also see a development in using our own cells to re-grow damaged body parts.

Above the cloudsThe Weather & The Environment

Yes, there will be more challenges with the weather and the environment this year, but I continue to be optimistic. Some people will continue to resist the idea that mankind’s consciousness and activities affect the environment and the weather but I see the trend moving more toward becoming more aware of this and therefore people becoming more responsible. Some countries will fight pollution standards but eventually will align with the people’s cry that they do so. A shift in thinking is already taking place.

The country overall will benefit from El Nino this year. The West Coast will get a lot of rain in the winter and spring months, but not quite as much as has been predicted. I see flooding and mudslides in spots, mostly in the burned areas, but overall I don’t see the widespread dramatic devastation that they are predicting for the west. The rain will help with the drought conditions in the west, but not totally correct it. I do sense more rain in 2016 and 2017.

Timing is very tricky, because I see everything as “present tense” AND we have free will. We have the ability to change all of this!

Engineers will develop a new technology that will help us save, store, and use rain in a more productive way, rather than let it just run off into the oceans and over flow rivers.

IF we stay on our current trajectory, I see earthquakes causing tsunamis in places like the Pacific NW, specifically Alaska and the Seattle area.(Not this year, but it’s building up.) And there will be more earthquakes in places in this country that are not used to experiencing them. (Fracking is absolutely increasing earthquake activity.) There is already an increase of earthquakes in Oklahoma, but I see activity in the middle of the country too – places such as Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, and the Dakotas – within the next few years.

It also appears that another major earthquake is going to affect the South Pacific area – Australia, Indonesia area, and possibly the Philippines. Japan is going to continue to have strong earthquakes, prompting them to build different structures that decrease damage and loss of life. It feels as if some designers and engineers are already working on this.

I don’t like doing negative or fear-based predictions. I also believe we can send loving and healing energy to those areas and reduce or even prevent these types of events from happening. I’ve witnessed groups of people, rallying with strong prayer and intention, successfully veer hurricanes away from both the US East Coast and Hawaii.


The most exciting advances will be in consciousness. Exploring the capabilities of consciousness is really the new frontier. We’re already seeing more psychics and mediums stepping forward – some good, some not as accurate. Interest in this is becoming more accepted and will grow for a while. People are learning to contact these people for guidance, not just predictions. This phenomenon will ultimately lead to an expansion in the overall consciousness of people in general, as well as open up exploration into other abilities, such as telekinesis.

Your personal and global future is in your hands (or your mind)!Indigo - cosmic

The future that you experience depends entirely on your beliefs about reality and where you focus your energy. This is why doing predictions can be so interesting.

I’m going to share something that could shock a few people, while others of you already know about Parallel Universes.

When it comes to your future, you have creative choice over what happens and what you personally experience. You have free will. This is true on a personal AND global scale. The world events that happen in your life will reflect your beliefs about it. There is not just one reality! There is strong evidence in quantum physics that your consciousness creates (or chooses) your reality.

This concept may be challenging for some to understand or accept. I will offer a brief explanation here. For a more thorough explanation about parallel universes and more in depth information on how to intentionally move into a positive and beneficial parallel universe, you can read my book Infinite You. I go into much greater detail there.

About Parallel Universes

Quantum physicists have evidence that there is not just one universe; there are multiple universes. Parallel front_book_Book Babyuniverses are all around us. They’re like radio waves. We can’t see them, but they exist. These other universes are as close as your breath and they exist in the same space as the universe you’re in now. You can connect with each universe by aligning with the different frequencies, similar to how you connect with different radio stations, by aligning with a particular station’s broadcast frequency. You use your thoughts and emotions to change your frequency.

According to some quantum physicists, there are an infinite number of other universes, and other versions of you exist in these other universes. For every decision or choice you’ve ever made, there is one you that is focused in this universe; and another you that lives in a different universe because of another choice that you made. That other you, who split off into another universe, is experiencing a different life than the one you are focused upon here, and is unaware of your existence in this universe.

This may be a challenging concept to accept. Most of us weren’t taught to believe in parallel universes and typically we don’t perceive these other universes, so this requires another leap in our understanding of reality. Our knowledge of the universe evolves all the time. For a long time, people didn’t know that other planets or other galaxies existed, so it’s not hard to imagine we haven’t known about parallel universes until recently. Interest in the concept of the multi-verse is growing stronger, however.

What do parallel universes have to do with you and future predictions? You have the ability to intentionally change your life by aligning with one of these other parallel universes, one that may be a happier, more peaceful, or more prosperous universe.

You shift into different universes all the time. You just assume there is only one universe so you’re not aware that you’ve changed into a different one. You just focus on the one you believe is real. However, you do constantly and seamlessly flow from one parallel universe to another. Every time you choose one option over another, you shift into a different universe.

So your personal future and the future state of the world you’ll live in depends on your thoughts, choices, and beliefs about yourself and reality. You’ll experience what you believe in. This is why I choose to believe in, and therefore experience, a positive world. I see life working out for us. I see us evolving into awakened, loving, conscious, spiritual beings that create heaven on earth. You can align with this vision or create your own worlds and experiences. (Read more about Parallel Universes here.)

Happy New Year to you! May you live the life of your best dreams!

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