Test Courses

Test Courses

The Beginner’s Aura Colors Course
In this fun Beginners Aura Colors Course, aura expert Pam Oslie guides you on your adventure through each of the fourteen aura color personalities via a series of videos. Once you are an Aura Colors member, you will begin receiving daily emails with information on a different aura color. You’ll also have full access to these videos, as well as to written information on each, in the Aura Colors Beginners Course on the website.

Free to all. Start exploring your aura colors now!

Personal Aura Colors Course

Thorough information on one Aura Color per course. Each Personal Course provides more in depth information and a greater understanding of that one specific Aura Color. Select any or all of the Personal Aura Color Course(s) to learn advanced and in depth information about what each personal color reveals about you or anyone you love, and how those colors are influencing each of your lives. Each color personality type is different. Your path to wellbeing may be different than that of the other aura color personalities. You don’t necessarily benefit by taking the same path as others, nor thrive taking the same actions. In your personal Aura Color Courses you’ll discover the specific steps you can take to create your best, most fulfilling life. Discover the unique personal methods that can best help you and your loved ones achieve joy and success.

In these Personal courses, you’ll also learn what an aura is, what a life color is, what combination colors are, the definitions of “in” and “out” of power, and why it matters which one you are.

Each course is approximately 2 hours of video and audio content, and bonus additional written information.


Premium Aura Colors Course
Fully immerse yourself and learn about all the aura colors and their specific personalities in this Premium Aura Color Course. You’ll discover how each color can achieve happiness, perfect health, fulfilling relationships, best career direction, their strengths to reach success, manifest wealth and abundance, and more. This information helps validate what you’ve always felt about yourself deep inside, gives you permission to finally be your true self and live your true colors, and helps you understand EVERYONE in your life. This information is especially powerful and important if you work with people – for example: teacher, therapist, healer, parent, human resources, employer, employee, and more. This is Pam’s powerful and extensive 17-hour course.


Infinite You Course – Advanced Consciousness
Create a Happier Life Filled with More Possibilities. Discover How to Activate Your Own Authentic and Advanced Abilities So You Can Live with More Freedom, Awareness and Empowerment (This course is 7 ½ hours)
  • Develop the ability to use thought and energy to affect matter, manifest your desires, heal your body, influence the weather, and more.
  • Access your intuitive and telepathic abilities to improve your life and the lives of others around you.
  • Intentionally move into parallel universes to easily change your life.
  • See other lives, also called “past” lives, to help you understand the influences in this life, as well as the connections to other people in your world.
  • Talk to people who have died and crossed over to the other side to help give you a broader perspective of life.
  • Sense energy fields, or auras, to help you better understand yourself, and to know significant information about people in your world, based on the frequencies or colors in these energy fields.


Aura Colors Academy Certified Practitioners Course

People around the world are using Pam’s Aura Color System, books, and aura quizzes to help their clients, patients, and students. Now you too can become a certified Aura Colors Practitioner and increase your skills to help people.

Gain deeper insights into the different personality types of your clients, patients, students, co-workers, and loved ones – their true needs and priorities, what each needs to stay happy and healthy, where they tend to hold old wounds and what causes them pain. Discover the specific steps each personality type needs to take (and is more willing to take) to become balanced, healthy and whole. This course provides valuable information and in depth knowledge about each of the different aura color personalities. You will receive specific and effective tools to enhance your ability to work with others.

This is Pam’s full 17-hour course plus the Practitioner’s Test. Once you pass the Test you will receive your certification in the mail. Once you become certified, if you are interested, you will also have the option to have a one-on-one personal phone conversation with Pam.


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