TJ Woodward “Conscious BEING: Awakening to Your True Nature”

TJ Woodward “Conscious BEING: Awakening to Your True Nature”


Woodward bookTJ WoodwardTJ Woodward discusses living an awakened life, our evolving consciousness, and the paradigm shift currently happening on the planet. He touches on deep issues such as our illusion of separation, how it’s affecting us, and steps we can take to shift our limited thinking. Discover where the consciousness evolution stands right now. Hear about the different levels of consciousness – victim, magical, metaphysical, and mystic – what each means, and what level most of the world is living right now. Learn what an “awakened life” looks and feels like.

We love to delve into powerful subjects like this with the goal of shifting the way we think and act, so we can transform our own lives and life on the planet. We all want more ease, freedom, joy and love in our lives. Realizing who we truly are and learning to live our true nature is the answer. Find out how easy this can be and what steps you can take to attain this state of consciousness.

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