Pam Offers Psychic Readings on her Radio Show

Pam Offers Psychic Readings on her Radio Show


Pam offers guidance to a number of callers who have different challenging issues. What can one woman do to help her 6-year old son deal with life? Which direction is best for a woman to take, and what is the inner conflict that is holding her back or causing her confusion? Is the same thing happening to you? Hear the advice Pam offers to each of the guests.

Pam also briefly discusses what is behind the current conflict and upsets in the country, and what we can do about it. Any time it’s time for a new form to emerge, chaos arises as the old form falls apart. There is no need to go into fear; that just contributes to the problem. It’s important to step back, gain a bigger and clearer perspective, and then envision a positive outcome and follow through with actions that support that vision.

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